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Levels of configuration – A picture for display of sales process

My last post was about levels of configuration. It describes the different levels as I approach them. I wanted to add to it, and explain its applications further.

Guided selling

Can easily be translated into Needs or Application options. This level of configuration will have an impact at major clusters of information and the rest of the configuration.

Sales configuration

These are the main components. They can be modules, product assemblies or direct items. The important part is that they should be on a high-enough level and contain enough information for the configuration to be meaningful, but not overly detailed.

Product configuration

This is the breakdown of the sales configuration. These items can be handled with Tacton, but if we have the layers above, these are probably best maintained in other systems. These are the detailed components, the nuts and bolts.

Sales process (entry point to complete configuration)

Take a look at the pyramid of information above. The impact of a change in guided selling will grow in the sales configuration and again in the product configuration.

If we can have a sales process entirely based on guided selling it will be much shorter than needs to go through all of the product configuration details.

It might not be possible to completely eliminate questions regarding details in product configuration, but there sure are plenty of incentives to try!


Author: Ralf Gesswein