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Make Product Configuration as Easy as It Should Be with Tacton

The internet has fundamentally changed how we as buyers purchase the items we want. With the end of the 2010s in clear sight, a big lesson we’ve learned is eCommerce is here, and it’s not going anywhere. You can buy anything online at any time with just a few clicks, so why are some industries still falling behind in the race to make it as easy as possible for their customers to buy their products?  If you’ve ended up on the Tacton blog you’re more than likely a manufacturing company employee asking the same question. So how about we help you with a quick story to help you better understand product configuration.  

Let’s go shopping for some boots, shall we? 

Let’s go on a metaphorical shopping journey to prove a point. Say you need a new pair of boots for the upcoming winter, how do you go about shopping? Your first task more than likely is typing into your favorite search engine, “boots.” After you’ve rendered hundreds of results you get down to a few pairs you think would be ideal for you. Once you’ve got these few pairs down you probably read reviews for the boots, some say the boots run large, others say the boots can’t handle the cold as well as advertised.  

The purchase isn’t as easy as expected:

Now you’ve eliminated a pair of boots and are getting ready to finalize your purchase….but wait there’s more! You’re now being served ads for another pair of boots that have also piqued your interest. The secrets out, the shoe stores know what you want and will do anything to get your purchase, cheaper deals, buy one get one, etc. So, your choice just became even more complicated. Buying a pair of boots is increasingly difficult, can you imagine what your manufacturing customer goes through when buying complex, highly configurable manufacturing products?   

That’s right, manufacturing has faced issues when it comes to digitization efforts aimed to make buying as simple as possible for their customers. But that can all change with Tacton Smart Commerce. Offering a complete, omnichannel buying journey is critical for the success of your business.  

Imagine if you could configure the boots to your specific needs every time. Leather, number of eyelets, color, tread and so much more. That’s something many manufacturers have missed out during their sales pitch, being able to QUICKLY address exactly what their customer wants and deliver on that promise of a perfect boot or product. 

With so much of the buying journey being based on the first impression of your product, it’s the most important aspect of your sales pitch to get the product right.  

And we know that with highly configurable products, mountains of spread sheets and teams that haven’t nailed down workflows how mistakes can happen and happen often. With those mistakes comes discounts. Improving these operational inefficiencies will save you time and money and keep the customer coming back for more time and time again. 

Make lead generation a priority

Remember how those boots you wanted started showing up in your dreams… I mean ads all over? That’s part of the marketing team’s best lead generation efforts to get you to jump in and finally purchase the product. Showing off your product is a great way to get your buyers into finally joining your countless other happy customers who use your manufacturing goods. So why wouldn’t you have a lead-generator built right into your company website to show how quickly you can serve your customers their ideal product? 

 You guessed it Tacton can help bring your lead generation to the next level with an online configurator. It really is that simple, customers are more likely to buy your product if they’ve seen how quickly they can make it.

You thought we just stopped at an online configurator, didn’t you?  

We can help take your sales pitch even further with our visualization solutions that can show your product in real-time in the customer’s actual environment. Showing your prospective customer how the product, they want would fit in places like a doctor’s office, garage or even warehouse is a great way to get the customer engaged and focused on buying from you, not from others. It’s like looking at photos of your new boots on your feet before you’ve even slipped them on.  

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not, at Tacton we have over 15 years of manufacturing expertise with solutions that help improve your operational efficiencies while enhancing the customers’ experience. Quit doing commerce the old way and add value to your company with us. Ready to talk with us about your next project? Join us for a personalized demo! 


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Author: Michael Brassea