March 08 2018

Meet the People at Tacton: Bénédicte Wipliez


Life has a way of sending you in unexpected directions. This is something Benedicte Wipliez is well aware of. She found her way from the north of France to Tacton and Sweden through the extravagant desert city of Dubai. At Tacton she works in the marketing department. One of her responsibilities is to analyze which, expected and unexpected, directions the visitors of the Tacton website take.


About a year and a half ago you went from Dubai to Stockholm. How was that transition?

It is certainly a big difference between Dubai and Stockholm! Obviously, there is a great difference in climate. In Dubai, the weather is lovely a great portion of the year but almost unbearable during the summer, where you tend to stay indoors as much as you can. In Sweden it is similar but the opposite, where the winter is the time to stay indoors!


The work climate is very different as well. I loved the multicultural environment in Dubai where you work and negotiate with people from so many different cultures. It is not always easy but you learn something new every day! When I came to Tacton I was happy to find the same international feeling. My coworkers are from different countries and we work towards international customers all the time.


What have you discovered about Tacton during your time at the company?

Outside of the international environment, I'm happy to see how open my coworkers and my boss are to new ideas and to question the way we work - all in order to improve. I learned a lot from working at Dassault in Dubai (and France) and although those ideas were different compared to the way Tacton worked, I'm able to use and test those ideas at Tacton. No one ever said "This is not how we do it here" or "We have always done things this way" but instead allows me to work in my own way. I like that lack of prestige and the pragmatism where the end result is all that matters.


Another thing that is quite apparent is the rapid growth Tacton is going through as a company. Although it can be stressful at times, I love the environment it creates. An environment where you need to take fast decisions and take responsibility for them, create processes, and to be efficient in your work. It is a highly developing environment to be in as a professional.


One of the things you do at Tacton is to analyze leads. Why is that important?

If you think about it, all our current customers have started as just a phone call, an email, a website visit, or perhaps an elevator chat with a coworker. You never know where the next big deal is going to come from! At the same time, you cannot chase every opportunity either. My work is about seeing through all the incoming data and see which people and companies are most likely to benefit from our products. If we focus mainly on the suitable customers we won't waste our time nor, more importantly, our customers' time.


I hear you are quite active in your spare time.

Oh, yes. I do lots of different things! I love cooking pastries, climbing, painting, photography, but also to hang out with friends - especially over a glass of Belgian craft beer! I also love traveling and prefer to travel by myself - you meet so many interesting people when you travel alone!


1 year, 3 months at Tacton | Lead Generation Manager

Passionate about: Traveling & Belgian beer

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