June 03 2017

Meet the People at Tacton: Jyotika Mehra


I was happily surprised when I met Jyotika Mehra to talk about Technical Documentation. Her passion for writing Technical Documentation and User's Manuals is really contagious! Technical Documentation is often a neglected part of product development - but this is never the case with Jyotika.


Why do you like writing Technical Documentation so much?

Writing is my passion in life and I love all forms of writing, it's as simple as that. I write in my spare time as well: I write poetry and I also have a lifestyle blog about human behavior and optimism.

When it comes to writing a User's Manual, I like the service I'm providing to the customer in the end. I like to feel that the end user will truly understand our product through my text. I also love the challenge of transmitting our knowledge of the product in text so that this knowledge is transferred to the customer. There is a certain "poetry" in Technical Documentation in that sense.

As far as I am concerned, writing Technical Documentation is an art form in itself. You have to make sure you are correct, for obvious reasons. You have to be concise since no one wants to read too much. You have to make sure the content is complete and covers every aspect and question the reader may have. Your content needs to be comprehensible so you need to make sure to use language that the end user will understand. Lastly, the content needs to be cohesive and synchronized so that all references add up in the end.

Everything is about putting yourself in the customer's shoes, and trying to look at it from his or her view. What do I need to explain and what can (should!) I leave out? This all sums up to a great challenge and I love that challenge!


Why is Technical Documentation so important?

The most important is, of course, that the customer will understand how to use the product. I also find it important that the Technical Documentation can help the user to find new features of the product, which is not always easy to find through "normal use".

I also look at the Technical Documentation as a company’s legacy. The different versions of User's Manuals show what the product used to be like. I like how my work with Technical Documentation serves as a history of all the transitions the product has gone through during its lifespan.


What do you do when your fingers are too tired to write?

Being an Indian native and fairly new to Sweden I'm currently learning Swedish in my spare time (at this point in the interview, Jyotika briefly switch language to Swedish and it is impressive how much she's learned already!). I also like to experiment with food, especially Indian-Swedish crossover.

I meditate frequently and was very happy to hear about the Spiritual Room at Tacton. When I heard about the Spiritual Room during my interview I knew I had found the right place to work!


Jyotika Mehra

4 months at Tacton | Master of Computer Application, Master of Philosophy (Computer Science) | Technical Writer (Documentation Manager) | Passionate about: Writing!


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