August 10 2017

Meet the People at Tacton: Pawel Dabrowski

Pawel is one of the most senior co-workers at Tacton, having spent most of his career at the company. He started off as pre-sales engineer and later continued to work as both key account manager and project manager. He’s now in charge of Channel Sales and commercially responsible for the Design Automation products.


You have extensive experience within Tacton. What do you appreciate most with the company?

I must say that 11 years at Tacton says quite a bit about how I see Tacton as an employer. I have high demands on my work environment and, to be honest, I have not been lacking alternatives in my career. I believe the most important reason I’ve stayed at Tacton is that it has always developed me professionally. I’ve always felt I’m learning new things. In addition, I feel that what I do is fun and that I really make a difference and contribute to the company’s growth every day.


I have always enjoyed doing business and navigating professionally in an international environment. I travel frequently in my role, which is another thing I enjoy - waking up in one city and falling asleep in another. The variation really makes each week different.


Another thing worth noting is that I’ve been blessed with colleagues that make coming to the office each morning fun.


Why is it important to sell through partners?

"Think globally, act locally" really is the key to everything. Every country has its own conditions, customs and ways of doing business - meaning a local partner can help a customer faster and in their own language. Partners help us sell in markets where we don’t have a strong local presence, which would otherwise be a challenge. This also enables us to work with smaller businesses all around the world.


What are the most important considerations in channel sales?

Just like in all types of sales it’s important to have a strategy and a long-term view of all relations.


It is also very important to keep our partners motivated and educated about the benefits of our product. It may be quite easy to understand the features of a product, but to present the value of it to a customer in any given case requires experience and product knowledge. Making our partners truly understand the value of our product is something I find extremely important in channel sales.


Having said that, this all has to be balanced with trusting our partners and their expertise. You can only educate and support so much. At the end of the day, you have to let the partners do what they are great at: knowing the customers and their needs, knowing the local market and customs, and knowing how to match our products with the customers' needs.


What do you look for in a Design Automation partner?

Our partners are great at understanding the complexity of product design in the manufacturing industry and selling CAD-related products and services. They usually have an extensive customer base and are interested in offering value-added solutions based on our products.


What do you do when you are not working?

I spend almost all my free time with my wife and our two kids. We travel frequently and are currently planning a backpacking trip to the Balkan peninsula, which I’m really excited about.


Pawel Dabrowski

MSc Engineering Physics, MBA | 11 years at Tacton | Channel Sales Manager

Passionate about: My family and traveling

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