December 02 2016

Meet the People at Tacton: Peter Hammerstein

Today we have a chat with Dr Peter Hammerstein from the Tacton Customer Support department. Peter has a very unique, and impressive, background with a doctor’s degree in Physics of Complex Systems and over 10 years of experience from different departments at Tacton’s office in Stockholm. It is safe to say he is not your average Customer Support person!

How did you find your way to Tacton?

I studied physics in Berlin and during my studies I met my wife, a Swedish woman, who eventually brought me to Uppsala and Sweden. I realized I did not want to pursue an academic career and when I heard about Tacton I was attracted by the challenge of solving complex problems with practical implications.

Why do you like working with Customer support?

After 10 years at Tacton I have worked with Project Management, Business Consulting and Technical Sales. I felt that Customer Support was a great way to apply my wide knowledge of the Tacton CPQ-solution and get a better view of the company as a whole. You are surrounded by highly intelligent people from many different cultures and backgrounds who all cooperate to solve complex problems together.

How is a typical day for you at Customer Support?

Some days I am on Ticket Surveillance duty and keep track of incoming Support Tickets in order to be able to reply within 30-60 minutes. We have a morning meeting where we meet with the team and discuss issues of relevance from which we all can learn from. This is also a good forum to ask for expertise from others since there are about 30 combined years of experience in our rather small team! During the day we receive errands (tickets) created by our customers, either Product Support or Managed Support. We have two levels of support: Product Support and Managed Support. Product Support is included in the maintenance service agreement and could be bugs in our software etc. Managed Support is a higher level of support for customers with very unique needs in terms of how they have implemented our CPQ solution.


I am surrounded by highly intelligent people from many different cultures and backgrounds who all cooperate to solve complex problems together.


What makes you good at your job?

I have a very long and wide experience from working at different departments at Tacton. I also truly like to understand and solve complex problems. My German background is also useful in terms of helping out our German customers.

What do you do when you are not working?

My family is my most important ”hobby” and I spend a lot of time with my 7 year old son. I also love spending time in the nature.

Dr Peter Hammerstein

Customer Support | Dr. in Physics of Complex Systems | Stockholm | 10 years at Tacton

Passionate about: My family, nature, Berlin

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