Not all CPQ Solutions for Manufacturers are Created Equal

An assumption many manufacturers make when looking for a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is that many are nearly identical. But the truth is, there are plenty of CPQ providers on the market, but the difference between solutions can help manufacturers achieve their goals or be bogged down with a product that isn’t achieving what was promised.   

With so much competition in the market for manufacturing, bottlenecks and poor-performing solutions can hamper the bottom line. Competing in new, digital markets requires a solution built for manufacturers. Let’s look at why manufacturers choose Tacton CPQ over other vendors.  


At Tacton we use the term Needs-Based Configuration to describe an application that takes user input and in real-time selects the most appropriate and valid combination of product options to best meet the user’s requirements. 

This is possible due to the powerful configuration engine that lies at the heart of Tacton’s CPQ application. This engine is built on an intelligent configuration module that allows the engine to quickly juggle all possible combinations and permutations of product options and characteristics and find the most optimal solution.  

Optimization allows the engine to suggest the “best” solution based on any measurable criteria such as sustainability, price, or delivery time. This means that the user can enter just the requirements they care about and let the configurator do the rest.  

For instance, users don’t write a rule that states that Wheel X allows Tire B or Tire C. Instead, we write several constraints that describe why a wheel is compatible with a tire: it may be several factors covering both physical dimensions as well as potential market-based logic determining what should be sold where. 

The bottom line: With Tacton’s Configurator, non-programmers can quickly define the logic behind even the most complex products and create simple interfaces to allow nonexperts to configure those products. 


At Tacton we offer our visualization solution as part of our Configure, Price, Quote solution for a fully integrated creation and maintenance process. We see several benefits of using and maintaining the visualization as an integrated part of the CPQ system compared to a separate 3rd party game or rendering engine. 

Mapping a configuration to visualization is not as straightforward with an external maintenance workflow compared to an integrated one. For example, the wording is with no relation to the configuration at all, making you learn and map every domain and requirement. And only using the rendering functionalities of a game engine leads to excessive parts that users can’t get rid of, so they must navigate their way around it. 


Making the move to CPQ does not need to be complicated. Tacton CPQ for manufacturers makes it easy with integrations to leading platforms including SAP, Sales and Manufacturing Clouds, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Sales Cloud, and other ecosystems with an open API.  

Subscription Pricing 

Creating new, predictable revenue is the desire of all businesses, and now leaders in your industry are finding new revenue streams to achieve that outcome.  Implementing a proper CPQ with the ability to incorporate subscriptions—whether bundling the optimal deal with services or moving towards equipment as a service model—is the only way to sell the highly customizable products that are essential to your business. Your customers want to purchase the outcome of uptime and you must prepare to deliver this experience to stay relevant to their business needs.

Disrupting the typical one-and-done sales method can help retain customers long-term while offering upgrades and upsells based on the customer’s use of the product. Structuring these deals with flexibility in mind will keep both you and your customer happy in the long run, by optimizing the configuration to exactly how the customer uses it.

Built for sustainability 

Traditionally, CPQ has been utilized as a sales tool that connects your sales process from configuration through product delivery, but there are some hidden benefits that are helping manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals.   

While any CPQ can help manufacturers sell and operate more efficiently, not all are created equal. At Tacton, our smart CPQ solutions enable you to automate your sales processes and support both you and your customer’s journey to sustainability.    

Tacton’s CPQ’s smart configuration engine enables anyone to configure an optimized solution by automatically using sustainable materials, reducing wasteful components, and oversizing while ensuring operational energy consumption. While other CPQ’s may deliver some of the efficiency improvements, ours goes a step further ensuring you deliver the optimal solution based on your customers’ requirements. 

In closing 

Choosing the right CPQ that is suited for your unique goals can be a tough decision. Meeting the growing expectations of today’s manufacturing customers is a critical requirement for any business. That’s why Tacton CPQ is the only choice for a highly configurable manufacturing business. Find out more about how we’re helping manufacturers from across industries drive sales, fix quoting and configuration errors, and more by scheduling your personalized demo!  

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