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Navigating an Uncertain Manufacturing Future

Define your manufacturing future today The past year has rocked how every industry does business due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and industrial manufacturing is no exception. From closing factories to furloughing employees manufacturers have felt the pain of the pandemic. Working from home is an option for many, but keeping the factory running requires individuals to go into the factory daily […]

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CPQ Systems Analytics: Expectation vs. Reality

Data is important and a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) investment has a wealth of data that many of our manufacturing customers are taking advantage of to learn more about their products. Organizations that aren’t thinking about how to maximize their data to address their problems today are losing time and money on problems they want to solve […]

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What is CPQ Software? How can it Help in the New Normal?

What is CPQ Software? Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software platforms help manufacturers use self-service, guided (and remote) selling to accurately configure manufacturing products and services for the new buying journey many manufacturers face. The new B2B buyer won’t wait for error-prone quotes they want their products custom and they want them now! Minimizing time-consuming back and forth […]

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The Manufacturers’ Guide to Remote CPQ Solutions

Organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic had to constantly evolve themselves to stay ahead of the curve of increasingly custom demands for highly configurable products. The current situation is going to change how everyone works for at least the foreseeable future. Coping with these changes won’t be easy, but manufacturers who search for innovative solutions can […]

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cpq implementation guide

Unlock Your Data with CPQ Analytics Software [Tech with Tacton]

A note about the Author:   This edition of Tech with Tacton takes a deep dive into CPQ Software Analytics. Our author is Max Leitgeb, Configuration and Analytics Senior Product Manager at Tacton. Max is part of the original founders of Tacton and has spent more than 18 years with the company.  With the 2010s in the rearview mirror, one thing many companies […]

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CPQ Software: Is my Product a Good Fit for Tacton?

CPQ Software: Is My Product A Good Fit for Tacton?  A note about the author: Brian O’Grady has worked with Tacton for over 20 years as a Sales Engineer and now as a Product Marketing Manager. Before Tacton, Brian had stops at Microsoft and RSA Security.   In the 20 years I’ve worked at Tacton this is probably the question I get asked the most. As a Sales Engineer it was my task to […]

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