December 18 2017

Meet the People at Tacton: Marc Herling

Today we will get to know Marc Herling, VP of Business Development at the Tacton office in Karlsruhe, Germany. Marc became a part of the Tacton family with last year's acquisition of Lumo Graphics - experts in 3D visualization for CPQ.


What have the first few months with Tacton been like?

I must say that it has been really intense and positive. The acquisition is a perfect match for both companies, so everyone is super excited for several reasons. Mainly because we can contribute with expertise within visualization. However, for our part, it also means adding global sales reach overnight. Our expertise is highly appreciated, and everyone in the main office shares the passion for mass customization.

One thing I have appreciated is that because we have always been a rather small company, joining a 200+ employee company adds new levels of organizational professionalism and processes to our office, which is challenging but good. In addition, the work culture in Sweden and Germany, at least regarding the Tacton HQ and Tacton in Karlsruhe, is quite similar. For example, both have, strong work teams and a pragmatic approach to problems. So, the adaption has been rather easy for the team in Karlsruhe.


You have been working with 3D and visualization for over 10 years. What has changed since you started?

I started working directly with CPQ visualization in 2004. But, at that time, the computer capabilities were nowhere near what we have today. Back then, the visualizations were based on crude 3D models with very limited realism for material appearance.

Since then, mainly the gaming industry has pushed the development of 3D graphics immensely, making everything faster and better. Additionally, 3D engineering files and a much broader bandwidth of internet connections have helped make it happen. 3D configuration over the web is a good example of something that is now a reality, thanks to this development. The progress in technology turned CPQ visualization into an important sales tool, rather than a tool mainly for production and engineers.

These 13 years have been an exciting time to be in the 3D visualization business, but I think the future will be even more exciting. Outside of everything becoming faster, cheaper and more powerful, I think the next big thing in 3D visualization and CPQ will be Augmented Reality. Imagine configuring equipment for a room and seeing it in the room - while it is being configured! It would not only be really cool, but also extremely useful.


What do you think a Tacton office in Germany will mean for the customers?

During these first months, we have noticed that customers that have never been in contact with the main office in Stockholm have reached out to our German office. My feeling is that Tacton’s customers, both existing and future, will appreciate the local presence and the fact that they can easily visit us. And equally important, that we can quickly help and support them on-site.

I also think the fact that we speak the same language is another factor our customers will appreciate. One should not underestimate these ”soft” values in business!


Is there any area that is especially great for 3D visualization and CPQ?

Any physical product with a broad modular offering is a great match for 3D visualization in CPQ. As a consumer, some may have tested kitchen designer CPQs, which are simple but great.

In the professional areas, we see MedTech as a field which benefits greatly from 3D configuration. The buyer is often a doctor with a practical approach, who needs to make sure the equipment fits in the room, and that all parts of the equipment will be suitable for the workflow in the room. One example is making sure a particular handle is in the correct position.

Even in the consumer market, we see a trend towards more customized and modularized products with CPQ. In the consumer market, the aesthetics of the product is more important, so 3D visualization is very useful to visualize make-to-order products.


In your personal life, do you have anything you visualize doing in the next couple of years?

My family (wife and two kids) takes up much of my spare time, but I am a dedicated paraglider and I try to go paragliding as much as I can. One thing that is on my bucket list and that I really want to do is cross the Alps on my paraglider. That would be incredible!


Marc Herling
VP Business Development | Diploma in Product Engineering | 1 year with Tacton

Passionate about: My family, decision processes and paragliding

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