Quick Questions with Our CGO Mikkel Drucker

This week we had the chance to sit down with Mikkel Drucker our Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for some quick questions on how the modern manufacturing CMO role is changing to be a leader for digital transformation. 

Mikkel has been with Tacton since August 2018 and has transformed marketing by doubling the team and going to pure digital tactics. Before Tacton, Mikkel worked with global leaders such as Nokia, Telenor, TrustPilot, and Atea.  

How have you seen the CMO role evolve over the past decade? 

The role has evolved significantly thanks to advancements in tech, data, and the increased focus on business outcomes. While brand awareness remains relevant, brand experience is more encompassing due to the importance of the customer journey from online research through the product lifecycle. As we all know, technology changes everything.  

With better martech solutions, marketing teams can become more efficient and work faster. Marketing leadership is no different. Understanding the evolution of my role in delivering sustainable growth through a personalized customer experience driven by smarter solutions and analytics has been essential. Without a comprehensive customer-first approach, it’s difficult to succeed.  

What are some of the top qualities of today’s modern manufacturing CMO?  

I see the modern CMO having a lot of great qualities, but these are some of the most important ones: 

  • Growth driverPlay a leading role in the organization by driving towards sustainable revenue growth. This is achieved by delivering a personalized customer experience across channels that connect customers to your brand in a meaningful way. 
  • Customer championAlways think about the customer. Where are they? How do they behave? How are they interacting with your brand? What intelligence is available to help meet the customers when and where they are in a meaningful way? Champion that throughout your organization and ensure everyone understands their role in the customer experience. 
  • Storyteller: You must tell stories both inside and outside the organization. When creating engaging stories, customers can become part of your brand and are the stars of the narrative 
  • NimbleThe path to your desired outcome is not always linear. Therefore, you must drive a culture of ‘test and learn. Be ready to change direction at a moment’s notice when you realize that your approach is not yielding customer engagement or impact.  

How do some of these qualities translate to the marketing leaders in manufacturing? 

I think we are seeing a shift in the industrial manufacturing space. A shift where CMO’s are getting more involved in the digital transformation. The days of “flags and balloons” old school marketing are gone. Leaders must be focused on an engaging brand and customer experience that resonates. With manufacturers amid the 4th industrial revolution, technology is beginning to change their entire organization. The leading manufacturers are investing in the best tech to deliver on customer expectation of a personalized, B2C-like experience when they purchase industrial products.  

KPIs are all over the place, what are some of the more important ones for you? 

  • Generating highquality leads and opportunities for Sales  
  • Brand awareness through delivering a great brand experience 
  • Net Promoter Score, which gives us an idea on how our relationship with customers is doing 
  • Revenue/Profitability Growth of the organization 

How have you utilized data-driven insights to better understand the manufacturing industry? 

I stay very informed with our customers, prospects, and analysts by being on all the calls and meetings I can. If you listen to the customer, you can stay atop on the challenges they face day-to-day. Analysts are also a great resource for understanding trends, challenges, and specific industry verticalsIf you listen to the customer, you can capably bring them into your story in a meaningful and relevant way. On the data side, our martech stacks enable us to turn insights into action.  

Business transformations take courage. How are you empowering not only your team but manufacturers to take that next step? 

In our team, we see consistent changes in our business environment. I am a strong proponent for growth hacking. We don’t know the direct line to success, so we need to work closely together and leverage the collective intelligence and creativity to constantly explore opportunities for growthSo I trust everybody on our team to lead the charge on their individual projects and hacks.  

For our manufacturing customers, our key philosophy is to simplify and enable. We want to make it easier for our customers to serve their own customers on any channel available. By giving them the opportunity to meet their customers anywhere it lets them learn more about their products and customers. Insights can start from anywhere, and manufacturing marketing teams have a chance to give a new, and exciting experience for their customers.  

Where do you see the role of CMO going over the next 5 years? 

I see the space of lead generation, customer experience, and growth increasingly merging. It’s all about meeting the prospect/customer where they are, when they want, and what they need. We must make sure that this experience is connected and seamless, and thus having one role overseeing that will be increasingly important for companies’ brand and revenue generation.  

What advice would you give to young marketers out there? 

Drive a creative, and visionary culture, learn more about your customers. The smallest detail helps you become even more customerfocused. Explore the world, the different cultures, and different ideas that are all at our fingertips daily.  

Let have some fun questions to end:  

What is your favorite weekend trip? 

A getaway with my wife in the French Alps 

What’s your favorite seat on an airplane? 

I commute every week to Stockholm, and predictable commuting is key to me. So, I have become addicted to seat 2F. 

Which countries have you lived in? 
US, Denmark, South Korea, Malaysia, UK.   

Thanks, Mikkel for taking the time. If you’d like to read more about how

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