Tacton CPQ for Mountable Accessories

When configuring manufacturing goods it’s important to go above and beyond just offering the basic product. Accessories are an essential part of the final use of the product, so why do many manufacturers make it so difficult to buy them? The right accessories are the icing on the cake that transforms a suitable solution into the perfect solution. Many suppliers, therefore, have an extensive catalog of optional accessories to meet the most individual customer requirements. This can present its own challenges without CPQ for mountable accessories.

The problem is that suitable accessories are often only offered after the product has been configured – and not during configuration.

The Module Variant Catalogs feature from Tacton CPQ provides a solution. This makes it possible to integrate mountable accessories directly into application-based Guided Selling.

The advantages of CPQ for mountable accessories:

  • The configuration engine ensures that accessories are 100% compatible with the currently configured product and can be assembled.
  • Mountable accessories (catalog) can be assigned to precisely defined positions on the configured product.
  • To make it easier for customers to select optional accessories, matching accessories can be displayed according to selected product properties.
  • When changes are made to the configuration, selected accessories that no longer fit the current product configuration are visually highlighted.
  • Selected accessories are automatically added to the parts list and priced.

Module Variant Catalogs in a practice test

A supplier of high-quality endoscopy equipment offers monitors to go with its equipment, but these are not manufactured in-house and therefore correspond to standard market sizes. In the past, the supplier only had a few selected monitors in its range to ensure that the monitor was also compatible with the configured endoscopy device. Over time, customer requests increased: more and more customers wanted to use monitors that were not part of the accessories catalog. In order to fulfill these customer requests, the supplier had to check each individual request and ensure that the monitor requested by the customer could actually be fitted. Effort and distribution costs increased.

The solution is called Module Variant Catalogs with Tacton CPQ: With the feature, the medical technology provider is no longer tied to a few monitor models. The provider can easily integrate complete product catalogs directly into Tacton CPQ. Based on defined product characteristics, models matching the currently configured endoscopy device are filtered and can be selected during the configuration process.

Today, customers can simply select the appropriate monitor from an extensive range. This increases both service quality and customer satisfaction. The provider, in turn, saves valuable resources because customer requests no longer have to be checked at great expense. This is done directly during product configuration by integrating product properties of the individual monitor models, stored in external catalog systems, directly into the configuration logic.

Discover how using CPQ module variant catalogs can help increase win rate, increase customer loyalty, reduce cost and errors, and more in our latest CPQ video! If you’d like to see more on Tacton’s products check out our other videos on our youtube page.


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