The dinosaur

When we introduce our CPQ tool to a new customer it’s very seldom their first configurator.
I tend to ask the question why there is a need for a new configurator. This is the answer that we often get.
So here we go, how you could tell the difference between the old dinosaur and the new all shiny CPQ?

It needs to easy accessible

This means CPQ should be available at the point of sales. It also means it must be intuitive to use.
The dinosaur often resides within some old platform. It can’t really adopt to changes.
Nowadays CPQ must be available within arm’s length and one click. To the dinosaur this is that meteor in the sky.

It needs to be integrated

This means that the CPQ must communicate with all other systems. It can no longer be an isolated island without connections to the rest of the world.
The dinosaur is often very self-sufficient, but it can’t communicate and cooperate. It’s because it doesn’t really have the brainpower. The collaboration capabilities are somewhat disturbing due to the fact that when dinosaurs work together it only involves one eating the other.
Nowadays the CPQ must talk to all other business systems. This is yet another meteor in the sky.

It needs to be flexible

There is only one truth that we know about the future: things will not be the same as they are today.
That’s why we can’t build a CPQ solution based on the current situation. We need the flexibility to adopt to new scenarios and new challenges.
To the dinosaur this is somewhat cumbersome. The fact is that the armor of the dinosaur is a composite made up of hard coded product data and product rules (and actually administrated by some hard working homo sapiens). It’s very difficult to penetrate.
Nowadays the CPQ must easily adopt to changing conditions. The old school armor is no longer required. And it will not save you from that meteor lightning up the cold February night.