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The Hero

The Hero’s Quest

The lights dim slowly. The movie is just about to begin. Once again, I will watch the same old story unfold before my eyes.

It’s the classical theme of the good fighting the bad. There’s a heroic mission to accomplish, and a villain to defeat in the final battle.

It always begins in a quite ordinary, predictable way. But suddenly, the soon-to-be-hero realizes something strange is happening. Struck by an epiphany, the hero can do things that no one else can. Something magical now resides within this person and this new superpower comes in handy, because all of a sudden something exists that threatens the ordinary.

But first: This magical force needs to be explored and the hero will need some training to fully master this new superpower. Out of the blue, an old master appears to give guidance and the appropriate training. This will help the hero stand ready to defeat that big threat.

At this point, our hero normally faces some great difficulties and some minor defeats, which teach a valuable lesson. But this is just a theatrical way of setting the scene for the ultimate battle.

In the ultimate battle all magic superpowers are put to the test, and finally the hero defeats the villain. Just like Harry defeated Voldemort or Luke defeated his father.

Then everything returns to normal. All threats are just a distant memory of the past (and this holds true until there’s a sequel – then the same story is told once again).

The CPQ quest

So back to my movie. It’s one of the best ones I have ever seen. It’s called the Call Pro Quest.

It’s about this heroic girl who realizes the ineffectiveness of her fellow sales reps, meets a configure-price-quote (CPQ) guru and gets her master training in a modern constraint-solving piece of software. After a few battles with fearsome product managers and back-stabbing sales executives, she finally proves there is a way of eliminating all order errors and thereby overcomes the threat of the evil competitor. She saves the company and lives happily ever after.

This movie might not be coming to theaters near you in the summer of 2016. But it’s definitely based on a true story, and you can be the hero.

Ready to face your innermost fears and win an epic battle? Tacton and I will be there to support you. We have lived this movie so many times and we know from experience that it will be a smash hit.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin