The knowledge gap

Reality check!
What is happening at your company?
Some people is leaving. Some new people are joining. This is nothing new.

The new thing nowadays is that for every two people leaving the company there will be one replacement. This is a game-changer.

Let’s assume the old folks have some average experience of ten years and that the newbies needs a year to get up to speed. What does this mean?

Let me give you a real life example.

I just came home from a workshop with a new customer. They believed they had a very special situation, but the fact is that they had just the same situation as any other company.

700 people will be leaving the company within the upcoming three years. These admirable employees will be replaced by approximately 350 new recruits.

That means that 7000 years of collective wisdom is walking out the door. It’s being replace by new personal with an experience of -350 years.

This is a challenge to any organization.

This is the new reality

When the older and experienced workforce is walking out the door it will put great pressure on the organization.

We still need to deliver accurate quotes to preserve our customer base.
We still need to explain the benefits and possibilities of product offering.
We still need to understand the pricing structure in order to secure profits.

In order to do this the current knowledge in the company needs to be preserved.

We need to structure the collective intelligence in a way that makes it possible for the newbies be productive from day one. As a matter of fact, they really need to be twice as productive in order to compensate the loss of manpower.

This is where CPQ comes in to play.
The C will preserve the knowledge, configuration is really the backbone of any complex product.
The P will ensure the profit, making sure that your product is priced according to customer value while ensuring profitability margins.
The Q will ensure the efficiency, there is really no time for erroneous copy-paste in this time and age.

So, what’s your situation?

Is CPQ the remedy to bridge your knowledge gap?

We think it is and we are ready to prove it. Get in touch and we will tell you how.

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