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The Smart Commerce Cheat Sheet

You remember those cheat sheets your teachers in high school and college would let you make for tests? The ones where you’d jam as many notes on the back as you possibly could. In the real-world, the anxiety of tests is replaced with trying to make work as easy as possible.  

Manufacturing isn’t an exception, with so many different trends, phrases and technologies it can be easy to get lost in the information overload. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of our product offering, Smart Commerce, for you. And like those cheat sheets you used in class, we’ll keep everything to the point. 

So, what is Smart Commerce?  

Smart Commerce enables manufacturers to digitally transform their business in a smart, profitable way across the buying and selling cycle by improving internal operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience  

What are the stages of the buying journey?  

  • Search: Marketing and commercial leaders must make it easier for customers to find and build custom products online.  Make it easier for your team to get quality leads that convert. 
  • Buy- Commercial leaders must empower their customers to buy their customized product solutions on any channel they prefer. Let your customers shop any time with self-service or eCommerce. 
  • Deliver: Product and engineering leaders must deliver the right solution to the customer every time. Removing order errors from the engineering process, easier said than done with so much back and forth between teams. Don’t worry we’ll get to that solution 
  • Service: Customer success and service leaders must sell and service over the entire product lifecycle. Making sure the customer is happy with the product and create potential future upsells with existing customers and new prospects. 

What are the solutions that come with Tacton Smart Commerce?  

Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) – At the heart of Smart Commerce our CPQ enables 100% accurate quotes ensuring delivery of the right product, at the right price, at the right time, every time, accelerating your sales and enhancing the customer experience. 

Visual Configuration– Empower your customers to see and interact with their custom products in real-time in their unique environment giving them a more enjoyable buying process instead of leaving visualization to their imagination.  

CPQ Integrations– Drive business processes and leverage big data through integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and any ERP and solution you can think of for a frictionless buying experience for your customers and efficient quote process for your sales and engineering teams.  

Design Automation– Free up engineering to focus on innovation by automating design to sell custom products as fast as standard by eliminating costly design errors, order changes and repetitive tasks.  

CPQ Analytics– Leveraging data has never been more important, CPQ offers a wealth of data that can inform you on how your customers buy, which products sell and much more.  

Omnichannel Sales– Expand your offering online enabling customers to shop and buy when, where and how they choose, across channels. Utilize the power of CPQ online through website and eCommerce integrations to sell highly configurable products. 

The Spark Notes Version:

  • CPQ– Enable everyone on your team to respond to customer requests in a fast, efficient manner that eliminates potential errors and allows your team to maximize profit.  
  • Visual Configuration– Quit relying on text-based descriptions that bore your customer and your sales team and give them what they want real-time visuals. From the smallest detail to the biggest create an emotional attachment to the product your customer created themselves for an increased chance of closing the deal.  
  • CPQ Integrations Eliminate spreadsheets and double work by connecting to business-critical CRMs and ERPs to move fast on any customer request. 
  • Design Automation– Allow your engineers to do what they signed up for, innovating your products by eliminating repetitive tasks.  
  • CPQ Analytics– Quit giving discounts because you don’t understand your product portfolio.  
  • Omnichannel Sales– Sell anywhere, anytime with eCommerce and self-service options.

A cheat sheet is always helpful, but so is reading our definitive guide to Smart Commerce, The Manufacturers’ Guide to Smart CommerceManufacturing is always ready for new ideas and Smart Commerce offers the most effective way to transform your operations from the factory floor to the salesroom.  

If any of these topics sound interesting schedule your demo today and learn how you can get lightyears ahead of your competition with Smart Commerce.