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The tale of how Santa stopped wishing for children to be naughty

Let me tell you, at this time of year every blogger and columnist in the world is thinking about the same thing: How can I combine the current events, in our case the upcoming Christmas Season, with the message I want to convey? How are Santa’s issues related to ours? How can I fit our brand values into something Christmas related?

’tis the season to be creative.

Well, to be honest, I find the challenge kind of amusing so today I will go ”all in” on a ’Tacton CPQ Blog Christmas Special’ to once and for all combine Christmas, Santa, and CPQ.

And, you know what? I even think I will rhyme…

The tale of how Santa stopped wishing for children to be naughty

Sitting in his home surrounded by snow and ice,

Santa felt stressed: ”How come the children are all so nice?”

I would pay American kids many a dollar, the Polish a zloty

if only some would just be a little bit naughty.


”Millions of kids are awaiting my visit,

What if I fail? What if I miss it?”

Everyone expecting a gift of their wish

What if little Kate, instead of her doll, receives a fish?


How can I make sure the elfs produce the right toys?

How do I know if dolls are suitable for boys?

What if I could find just one good tool,

something to reduce this stress, that would sure be cool.


He sat down by his computer in his favorite Christmas sweater,

a Google search later his mood changed for the better.

CPQ might be just what he was looking for,

It may solve his problem, right at the core!


He brought up his list of naughty and nice,

entered a sample of 1000, guessing that would suffice.

Every child could now choose one gift of his will,

and everything summed up in one simple bill.


A few days later, on the Christmas Day morning,

his system was up and running, without a single warning.

It told him which houses to visit and which ones to skip,

Saving him hours on his round-the-world trip!


Later he was thinking, all relaxed, by the fire:

”One of those Tacton consultants I should surely hire!”

Never again will I wish for kids to behave badly,

with no stress, I will pay the fee, oh so gladly!



So, I managed to force CPQ into a Christmas tale,

at least in that sense, the story did not fail.

It seems, even Santa needs a configurator to help him save some time,

and the logic of the story is secondary…at least if you rhyme!


Merry Christmas!


Author: tacton_webdevadmin