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Visualizing successful business together

Following our announcement of the acquisition of Lumo Graphics, we’d like to welcome our new colleagues to the Tacton team. Actually, they’re more like old friends, since both companies have been partners and have served some of the same customers.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Lumo Graphics is a leading provider of real-time visualization for product configuration. Its product portfolio includes LumoLogic and LumoVis, which we know from experience are great products that enable users to instantly visualize the choices they make during configuration and easily explore product variants. But don’t just take our word for it – the company has many satisfied customers who are heavyweights in their industries, like Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Buses, Metrohm, Setra, Stryker and Karl Storz.

The company is a natural fit for Tacton. With similar company cultures and values as well as technology visions, we share a common view of integrated CPQ and visualization capabilities as key drivers of customer engagement. Together, we also bring an overall focus on helping enterprises identify value drivers for their businesses and calculate ROI using the capabilities of visual configuration.

Overwhelmed or overjoyed? From confusion to clarity

We believe that combined 3D visualization and CPQ play an essential role in the so-called “experience economy,” where even selling a complex product becomes a customized service experience tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Like author Joseph Pine II says when talking about mass customization:

“The most frequent mistake mass customizers make is overwhelming their customers with too much choice. Fundamentally, customers don’t want choice; they just want exactly what they want. Provide a design tool so you can figure out what they want at this moment in time, and then get that information back into operations to do something different for that customer.”

We couldn’t agree more.

More and more, customers want to interact with their suppliers during a sales cycle. With visualization, they can see exactly what they will buy and remain confident that they’re making the right choices.  Our modern, holistic 3D CPQ solutions do exactly that: bring clarity to the customer, while helping accelerate sales.

As we go forward after the acquisition, Tacton envisions better business for current and future customers. End customers clearly see their product, our own customers see business value, and we see a promising future for product configuration and 3D CPQ.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin