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Whose turn was it to do what, and when? How CPQ can be the help you need to keep things in check

Have you ever had an argument with your significant other about for example who’s turn it was to go grocery shopping, what to buy or what not to buy? I know I have!


This is a discussion that takes place once in a while at home:

– Honey, did you go grocery shopping today?

– Was it my turn? I thought it was you who was supposed to do it? I am pretty sure I did it the last time.

– No, it was definitely your turn. We agreed on that last Tuesday, remember?


The next day, a discussion very similar to the previous one, happened.

– Hi sweetie, so I went grocery shopping today!

– Great, did you buy milk?

– Milk… no…I don’t remember you saying anything about that…

– *Sigh* I did, when we talked over lunch, remember?! Wait, what, did you buy more bread? We already have the whole freezer full of bread!


Six days later, the same thing:

– Hi sweetie, I went grocery shopping today! I bought everything on the grocery list, nothing more, nothing less!

– !!! …you too? It was my turn today, I also bought everything on the list!

Both: *sigh*


This is all a very low level of communication and something most families face, and solve, one way or another (thank the universe for grocery list apps!). I guess most people have evolved to understand that communication and giving instructions verbally has its limits, especially when it comes to who should do what, when and how.


You are not running your business this way, right?


Most companies have evolved one step further, usually by emailing instructions to one another, having meetings where responsibilities are set, and so on. This works most of the time. But at a certain rate of complexity, this system, too, will break down. This is especially true for product development. More specifically, software product development.


This is something we at Tacton know very well, having developed and fine-tuned Tacton Configurator during more than 20 years. We also know how important it is that every type of user request finds its way into the development priority list, gets a problem owner, a history of discussions, and so on so that everyone knows what to do and when to do it!


We know our customers face the same type of challenge when creating configuration models with Tacton configurator. That is why we are now launching Tacton Administration. It is a fully integrated support system in which you create tickets for bugs and development requests, dedicate a problem owner and trace every single change to the configuration model. No longer will you end up in discussions on who made what, or who was supposed to do what, when and why! We believe this will greatly assist our customers in making sure no issue is left unhandled, and that no one gets an unexpected result because of an overnight fix.


Unfortunately, what this new tool cannot do is assist you, and your family, in who to go grocery shopping, when and to buy what! But we could add a ticket about solving that in v2.0!


If you want to read more about our CPQ platform, you’ll find it here.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin