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Why President Obama always wears the same suit


I found the quote in the Fast Company article about President Obama. He always wears the same type of suit. Let me tell you why.

Every day is filled with decisions, both at work and in private life. These decisions make us exhausted and they lower our productivity.

As the day passes, every decision seems to get more and more complicated. In psychology this is called decision fatigue. Every new decision erodes your capability for good judgment.

Make fewer decisions to increase productivity

In my daily work with Tacton CPQ-software I run into many people who need to make plenty of decisions.

If you’re the buyer of a complex product there will be an overflow of decisions. And if you’re the seller of a complex product – you need to guide them through the decision processes. This could be an even more challenging task, right?

If these decisions corrode wisdom and perceptiveness, we should really make it our mission to limit them.

So, what’s the most effective way to limit having to make decisions?

We could simply just stop selling these complex products, but that’s not an option – that’s what we do.

Guided selling for fewer decisions

So, why not automate them? Let us once and for all describe the connection between high level requirements and the correct product selection. Then we can leave the decision making to the intelligence of the CPQ-tool.

We call this guided selling.

We do this for the same reason that President Obama wears the same suit. It helps us to focus on the more important tasks. It keeps our minds sharp for tasks like building trust and managing negotiations. Skills that will actually help you close the deal.

Author: tacton_webdevadmin