The top 6 reasons companies are getting SaaS:y with Tacton

The simplest and most cost-effective way to access Tacton CPQ is to sign up to our SaaS offering.
It’s a subscription based service, so there are no up-front costs. You simply pay for what you need, when you need it. And with all the technology managed by Tacton, it’s completely safe and hassle-free.
Here are the top 6 reasons companies are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) when implementing Tacton CPQ.

1. Low cost of entry

When you choose to subscribe to Tacton’s SaaS offering, you only pay for what you need. There’s no need to buy software licenses or hardware to host your applications. And instead of provisioning internal resources to install and set up the software, the application is ready to go. This gives you a predictable cost structure and cuts your time to value.

2. Work anywhere, anytime

When offered as a service, the entire CPQ solution is made available over the internet. Users can access it from anywhere via laptops and mobile devices, as long as they have a working internet connection. Use the software in on-site sales meetings and make it easier for employees working from home. Everything is up-to-date and available in real-time, including customer information and configuration and quoting capabilities.

3. Built-in scalability

Tacton’s SaaS offering resides in a scalable cloud environment. There’s no need to worry about the server sizing and software installations. The load on the system is carefully monitored and balanced at all times to provide full and uninterrupted service. When your needs change, simply add or reduce the number of users on your subscription.

4. Adapt to your business

You are free to configure the software to match your business needs. Tacton CPQ delivered through SaaS is no different than an on-premise installation in this respect. Adjust workflows, organisational structures, user roles and permissions. It's even possible to create additional data objects and attributes if needed. No coding is required to change your application configuration.

5. No need to upgrade – Ever!

Tacton’s SaaS deployment is built as a multi-tenant solution with a common, centrally maintained infrastructure and code base. New and updated functionality is automatically available to users, maximising your value. Forget about security patches, upgrades and other non-value-adding activities. It’s all taken care of.

6. Secure and reliable

Tacton’s SaaS environment is constantly monitored for both system load and security purposes and is accessible 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime. Full redundancy across multiple data centres means you always have access to your business data and CPQ applications – no matter what unforeseen events occur. And rest assured that your data is completely isolated and invisible to other tenants.