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Price Optimization in Manufacturing: What are the Benefits?

What is Price Optimization and Why is it Important? In the vast realm of manufacturing, many tools and frameworks exist to address nearly every challenge. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to lean methodologies aimed at minimizing waste, a plethora of resources are readily available. Yet, despite these technological strides, manufacturers grapple with a persistent […]

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Visualizing Equipment and System Layout Made Easy with Tacton Layout Planning

Many customers have a need to optimize the available floor space before placing an order for equipment or systems. One critical aspect of this optimization is layout planning, which involves designing the most efficient arrangement of machines, workstations, and resources within a manufacturing facility or industrial environment.    Having a well-organized environment is crucial for […]

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what is business intelligence

How Can You Achieve Business Intelligence through CPQ Analytics?

In today’s digital age, global manufacturers stand at the crossroads of traditional business methods and transformative technology-driven processes. The stakes have never been higher, as data becomes the very lifeblood of business operations. One term often thrown around in boardrooms and strategy meetings is “Business Intelligence.” This guide explores the various advantages of business intelligence […]

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what is erp and how does it work

What Is ERP, and How Does It Work with CPQ?

As a business leader, you know that keeping track of your data is critical to running your business smoothly and reaching your strategic goals. However, if you’re like most, you’re trying to juggle multiple spreadsheets and documents from different departments with varying data collection, update, and storage processes.  While doing things this way may work […]

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empowering sustainable manufacturing begins with CPQ

Tacton’s Environmental Footprint Configuration: Empowering Sustainable Manufacturing

Empowering sustainable manufacturing begins with new solutions Over the last decade many businesses have put a major emphasis on sustainability, these diverse companies have actively pursued strategies to minimize their environmental impact. Manufacturing is no different, and the industry is responsible for a large share of global CO2 emissions.   However, thanks to technological advancements and […]

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sustainable choices in manufacturing

Choices in Manufacturing: Why Tacton’s Environmental Footprint Configuration Matters to Customers

In an increasingly aware world, customers are placing a growing emphasis on sustainability when making purchasing decisions. As businesses align their values with environmental responsibility, customers seek products and services that contribute to a greener planet.  

Tacton’s Environmental Footprint Configuration plays a pivotal role in this shift, offering customers a unique and meaningful way to engage with environmentally conscious manufacturers. Let’s explore why Tacton’s Environmental Footprint Configuration is vital and important to customers. 

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