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who uses cpq?

What kind of manufacturers are using CPQ?

What if you could configure anything?  In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, customization and personalization have become essential to meet the changing demands of customers. Manufacturers need to efficiently configure complex products and manage intricate pricing structures while ensuring accuracy and speed. To simplify this process, many companies are turning to Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software.  […]

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Exploring the Limits of Configurator Compatibility with Complex Products

Exploring the Limits of Configurator Compatibility with Complex Products  If you are selling B2B manufacturing products that are deeply individualized for each customer, you know the benefits of Configure-to-Order (CTO) compared to that of a manual and slow Engineer-to-Order (ETO) process.  With CTO you increase sales speed, accuracy and win rates – especially with a […]

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Advantages of CAD in Design and Presentation | Tacton

The Advantages of CAD:  Transform Design Plans into Digital Representations Computer-aided design (CAD) burst onto the scene in 1957 and has been making waves and pushing the manufacturing industry forward for more than 25 years. The importance of CAD lies in the fact that it has revolutionized how people design structures and products, resulting in […]

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Sustainability in Manufacturing Best Practices | Tacton

Sustainability in Manufacturing: Use Green Business Practices to Do Good and Attract Brand Loyalty The modern-day green movement began in the 1960s in response to North America’s rapid post-World War II industrialization. As manufacturing increased to all-time highs, so did air pollution and the harm it brings to people and the environment.  Earth Day, the […]

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cpq implementation guide

Unlock Your Data with CPQ Analytics Software [Tech with Tacton]

A note about the Author:   This edition of Tech with Tacton takes a deep dive into CPQ Software Analytics. Our author is Max Leitgeb, Configuration and Analytics Senior Product Manager at Tacton. Max is part of the original founders of Tacton and has spent more than 18 years with the company.  With the 2010s in the rearview mirror, one thing many companies […]

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Optimizing Manufacturing Sales with CPQ in Uncertain Times

Did you know optimizing manufacturing sales with CPQ can lead to results such as: $17.6M – Savings from reduced sales labor cost  $6.5M – Savings from reduced order errors  $3.36M – Savings in administration   Those are savings that a global packaging machinery maker with a revenue of ~$12.5Billion could potentially achieve using Tacton CPQ* on […]

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