Design Automation

Configure, design and deliver custom products faster than ever before

Design automation makes designing and selling custom products as fast and easy as for standard products. Automatically create detailed production and assembly drawings with related documents needed for sales quotes, right from within your CAD tool.

Smart engineering for smart manufacturing

Tacton Design Automation automatically produces complete 2D drawings and 3D models of custom products and parts needed for sales quotations and production.

By automating routine CAD tasks and repetitive work on custom solutions, you can design more with less work – and leave more time for innovation. This way, your company can develop smarter products and get them to market faster.

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No more costly design errors

Tacton Design Automation minimizes disruptive change orders and delays.

You can rest assured that each design is always complete and validated and that your documents always include the right measurements and specifications. Your customer can define as many or as few requirements as they like. The configurator-powered Tacton Design Automation tool will always propose a solution that's not just buildable, but optimal.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

Tacton Design Automation's highly intuitive interface is fully embedded within the familiar CAD environment, so there's no learning curve for designers. You can see drawings update dynamically as you change dimensions or tweak the design.

The modeling environment is equally easy to use. You can create and maintain design rules without any programming knowledge or help from IT. Updates to your product portfolio are quick and easy as products are introduced or evolve.

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Connect Design Automation to CPQ

Leverage your CAD investment to create value-adding sales deliverables. Using Tacton Design Automation with Tacton CPQ and your 3D CAD tool, you can dynamically generate configuration-specific 3D CAD models based on the criteria your customer chooses.

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Solution Capabilities

  • Determine parameters and create parts based on input criteria and constraints
  • Constraint-based design automation means dramatically fewer rules
  • Always presents the solution that best meets the customers’ needs
  • Highly scalable – the stateless configuration engine handles complex models and high user loads with ease and speed
  • All variables simultaneously considered. Ensures valid, error-free configuration – every time
  • Automatic error resolution and no dead-ends
  • Automates and supports any to-order process completely inside CAD (CTO, ETO)
  • Fully embedded engineering tools inside the CAD environment
  • Structured and intuitive point-and-click CAD mapping tool
  • Instant mapping validation with inspections
  • Rule documentation capabilities
  • Compatible with Tacton CPQ and Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ
  • Installs easily out of the box
  • Manages requests through an integrated web service
  • Supports export of both native and all file formats supported by your CAD software
  • Can integrate to external systems such as ERP, CRM, PDM and PLM systems
  • Supports customer-specific add-ons so you can customize and complement the standard functionality
  • No programming or IT expertise needed
  • Intuitive rules make it fast and easy to introduce and update products
  • Access to Knowledge Base online support

Design Automation Products

Tacton Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS

Brings comprehensive, easy-to-use rule-based design automation and knowledge-based engineering to the vast SOLIDWORKS community.

Tacton Design Automation for
Autodesk Inventor

Enables design engineers and sales reps to quickly capture customer requirements and automatically create customized 3D models and 2D drawings from Autodesk Inventor.

Tacton Design Automation for PTC Creo

Fully embedded within PTC Creo®, Tacton Design Automation enables you to automatically generate customized 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, interactively capture customer requirements, and receive feedback on incompatible choices.




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