Smart Commerce Online Summit

Digitization is changing almost all business processes and covers the entire (industrial) value chain. New digital technologies are not only revolutionizing how industrial goods are developed and produced.

Manufacturing companies must rethink in order to meet the increasing digital requirements of their customers. B2B customers today also expect personal, cross-channel interaction with the products and solutions they encounter every day in the consumer goods sector.

At the Tacton Smart Commerce Online Summit, digital pioneers and global players will show how they are building the digital sales force of tomorrow today.

Our speakers

Frederic Laziou, CEO @ Tacton

Joachim Bondeson, IT Portfolio Manager, Sales & Order Solutions @ Volvo Penta: How to structure a CPQ project and to carry it out successfully.

Christine Radke, Head of Tools Excellence and Digital Officer @ Siemens

Nils Olsson, Tacton, Chief Evangelist @ Tacton

Event Details

Datum: Mai 26, 2020
Zeit: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
In this webinar you’ll learn:
Why digital sales is one of the central pillars of their corporate strategy.
Which digital tools they use for implementing their digitalization strategy.
What challenges they address.
How they have successfully established new technologies and strategies globally.
Who should attend?:
The SMART COMMERCE ONLINE SUMMIT is the virtual conference and enabler for decision makers and business strategists. Practical presentations provide valuable insights and information on the topic of digital sales and how the use of innovative digital solutions supports companies in developing new business models and generating growth.

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