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to configure, price, quote (CPQ) highly customizable products

Automate your sales processes with the top-rated CPQ for manufacturing while ensuring you can govern your product offering across channels, optimize your supply chain, and deliver 100% accurate quotes.


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Preview: Digitalization has accelerated across the board by 30%

Reinvent how you sell highly customized products 
to generate 100% accurate quotes—in minutes

Manual processes, poor product governance, and disconnected systems lead to quoting errors,
long sales cycles, and poor experience for customers buying highly customized products across channels 

Automate manual processes for your entire sales cycle

Integrate all your data systems with CPQ to ensure your customers, sales, and partners are empowered to generate accurate quotes when selling hardware, software, services, and add-on accessories

Enable data-driven decision making on which products you offer and ensure you always quote accurately

Whether your goal is supply chain optimization, product governance, making product recommendations in the configuration process, or increasing add-on sales, smooth CPQ integrations ensure you have the intelligence to take meaningful actions

Deliver the right solution, at the right time, in the right channel with CPQ

Improve your customer buying experience by extending tools like guided selling and Visualization to customers, sales, and partners. Guarantee meaningful interactions across channels by empowering anyone to configure, price, quote custom solutions 

See why there is no way to sell highly customized products
across channels without CPQ

Tacton Smart Commerce

Powered by CPQ, our Smart Commerce Platform provides an integrated solution that empowers you to be a digital-first, data-driven sales organization. 

Tacton CPQ

Tacton CPQ

Configure, Price and Quote with 100% accuracy using the top CPQ software for manufacturers.



Create an engaging buying experience with Visual Configuration built for manufacturing.

Design Automation

Design Automation

Free up engineering to focus on innovation by automating design to sell custom products as fast as standard.

CPQ unlocks the actionable intelligence to get closer to your customers

Empower ANYONE to become a configuration expert 

Control your product offering for all buyers and sellers 

Deliver a best-in-class custom experience across channels 

Improve your top line growth and increase add on sales

Manufacturers Achieve

efficiency increase*

sales volume increase*

increase in profit*

*Results based on a Tacton Customer Value study