Increase revenue

Maximize every opportunity

An effective sales force that maximizes every opportunity is the key to driving revenue growth. This is about ensuring that your team can sell with certainty and confidence. Both that the solution they present can be manufactured, and that the pricing and discounts offered meet your margin requirements.

Sell smarter

All too often sales reps have difficulty knowing how to address customer needs and position the best solution. The knowledge required to configure the desired product is immense and sales people can find themselves heavily dependent on product specialists.

Your ability to respond quickly and provide high-quality quotations with everything the customer needs to make an informed buying decision is vital to both new and repeat business.

Tacton CPQ provides the support sales reps need to quickly and accurately respond to any customer request. The powerful configurator at the heart of the Tacton solution grasps your entire product range and all the possible configurable options. This removes the need for detailed product knowledge and helps your team to recommend solutions that are not just valid, but optimal.

Sell value, not features and functions

Guided selling helps to change the conversation your sales people have with the customer. Instead of walking through and defining products feature by feature, your team can have an open discussion with the customer about their needs and the value they are trying to achieve.

Customer requirements can be entered in any sequence and choices that don’t matter to the customer can be skipped entirely. Tacton’s configuration fills in the blanks and proposes the best overall solution for the objectives that the customer wants to achieve. This greatly improves the buying experience and supports the customer in their purchasing decision.

This is possible thanks to Tacton’s unique ability to model constraints of any nature to work with the Complete Solution Space. The configurator utilizes a concept called Global Optimization to find the overall optimal solution based on the customer’s needs. This is simply not achievable with rules-based, sequential configuration solutions.

Speed up time-to-market & time-to-volume

Time-to-market is important, but it’s speeding up time-to-volume that really makes an impact on your bottom line. The key here is to ensure that your entire sales channel is always positioning your latest product offering.

Sales people often go with what they know and propose products they’re comfortable selling, and that they know can be manufactured. Without the right tools, trying to stay on top of the latest product developments and pricing is hard work. Unfortunately this means that your latest and most competitive products are not always positioned where they should be. This dynamic is hard to change. And if you are selling through a network of dealers and resellers, where access to product expertise is scarce, it can be even more difficult.

The Tacton CPQ solution captures the knowledge of your product experts and places it in the hands of your entire sales force. With the configurator’s unique ability to capture customer business requirements and to use this information to determine the optimal solution – your sales team no longer needs to know about each and every change to the products they are selling.

The need for sales support all but disappears, and since quotations and all supporting documentation are automatically generated, it becomes just as easy to sell the latest product offering as it is to sell the products they know inside out.

Sales can begin selling effectively as soon as new products are introduced. With a customer-centric CPQ process in place, you can support a higher sales volume with the same resources.

Increase deal size and margins

Many companies miss out on selling lucrative add-on service contracts, because sales reps have difficulties positioning it at the time of sale. The rep is often required to structure a service contract manually, trying to match the content and terms with what has been sold. It’s time consuming, and in many cases simply too much of an uphill struggle. The result is that the sales team focus on selling the product or equipment, and the company misses out on revenue.

By including service components and any other add-on sales offers into the sales configuration workflow, sales people can position services and warranties that are relevant to what the customer is buying and that add value at the right point in time.

By quoting and delivering to the customer’s requirements you maximise the value perceived by the customer. When value is clear, the need for discounting is greatly reduced, you can even justify a price premium.