Tacton is Industrial manufacturing’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) SaaS partner for design to sales automation. Our trusted configuration engine provides the backbone for your customers’ fast and flawless digital experience.

Why do leading manufacturers trust Tacton?

State of the Art Configurator

Transform complex configuration problems into accurate quotes in a matter of minutes.

Seamless Integrations

Platform agnostic and designed to fit in to your current digital landscape.

Analyst and Reviews

25+ Years Manufacturing Expertise

Built for manufacturing, by a team that understands your industry and the challenges you face.

Analyst and Reviews


Guided Selling and needs based configuration empowers all users to easily configure complex solutions – without technical support

Powerful configuration and price engine enable all your go to market channels including direct, reseller and self-service

Visualization and augmented reality lets customers see their configured product in real-time


Create centralized operations with platform agnostic integrations to other digital tools such as PLM, CAD, PIM, ERP and more

Provide accurate sales forecasts directly to your CRM by feeding line items, prices and quotes

Accelerate quoting with fast and data driven document generation for tech specs, certifications, CAD files and more


Configure products that are compliant with local market regulations

Create sustainable product offerings based on customer need or local compliance

Standardize custom products by replacing engineer-to-order with configure-to-order for repetitive selling