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Tacton Systems, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, announces development of configuration solution for advanced manufacturing built on Salesforce CPQ

Tacton announces partnership with Salesforce to develop solutions specifically for the manufacturing industry, built on Salesforce. Manufacturers will be able to tackle the most complex sales and product configuration challenges — all within Salesforce Lightning.

Stockholm October 3rd, 2016 – Tacton Systems, a world leader in advanced sales and product configuration, today announced its commitment to building a Tacton Extension application for Salesforce CPQ, aimed at addressing complex configuration needs within manufacturing environments. Tacton will showcase Tacton Extension at Dreamforce 2016 (San Francisco October 4-7), demonstrating how it empowers manufacturers to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Initial availability is planned for November 2016.

The Tacton Extension is built upon Salesforce CPQ and helps drive revenue growth and profitability by making it simpler and faster to sell complex solutions, while dramatically reducing order errors. The solution includes powerful 3D visualization and optimization capabilities, and offers deep CAD/CAM and ERP integrations.

“We are very happy that, together with Salesforce, we can offer manufacturers a robust CPQ solution that fully addresses the most complex sales and product configuration challenges. Leveraging the power of Salesforce CPQ, Tacton Extension will give companies a unique competitive edge. The solution enables new levels of connectivity, flexibility, speed and is an exciting move towards smart manufacturing”, said Frederic Laziou, CEO Tacton Systems.

“Tacton brings more than 15 years’ experience solving complex configuration challenges for some of the world’s leading manufacturers,” said Godard Abel, SVP and GM Salesforce CPQ. “We’re excited about the launch of the Tacton Extension, which — coupled with Salesforce CPQ — will help drive new levels of success for our mutual customers.”

Tacton will participate in this year’s Dreamforce as a Gold Sponsor and show the Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ in booth 1814.

Key Features Unveiled

  • The app solves configuration challenges – The complexity of a product portfolio is not a limiting factor in a Tacton implementation. The powerful, constraints-based configuration engine is built to handle the most challenging configuration environments. A trivial example is that a Sudoku solver can be built with only three rules.
  • Empowers sales team to optimize the offer and maximize value Tacton goes beyond ensuring that a configuration is valid and “buildable.” Depending on the criteria set, the app will find the best solution based on the customer’s unique needs.
  • Decrease order errors – By validating the “complete solution space” after each selection, the configurator ensures that the proposed solution is correct, down to the Bill-of-Material (BOM) level.
  • New product data/variants can be introduced quickly and easily – Because configuration rules, product data, and user interface data are stored separately, each of these areas can be changed independently without having to update or change the other areas, which decreases required maintenance.

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For more information:

Frederic Laziou, CEO Tacton Systems: +46 709 56 43 12
Nils Olsson, SVP Products, Tacton Systems: +46 733 90 81 27
Petra Lindgren, Marketing Communications Director: +46 736 61 49 68

Tacton Systems appoints new CEO

Stockholm, May 2, 2016: Tacton Systems AB (Tacton), a leader in software for Configure Price Quote (CPQ), appoints Frederic Laziou as CEO. Former CEO Christer Wallberg will join Tacton’s Board of Directors as Executive Vice Chairman of the board.

Christer Wallberg has been the CEO of Tacton since 2001 and has taken the company on a fantastic journey during these years. The company has grown quickly over the last five years doubling the number of customers and bringing the number of employees to almost 200.

To support industrial companies in their digitization and accelerate its international growth, Tacton has decided to appoint a new CEO and add more experience to the board. Frederic Laziou who has been at Tacton for about 12 months working with corporate development and strategy, will take the CEO seat. Christer Wallberg will join Tacton’ s Board of Director full time as Executive Vice Chairman and will dedicate his work to strategic initiatives, financing, acquisitions and enterprise customers.

“To take Tacton to the next step it is time to hand over the leadership. The main task now is to scale and accelerate the company’s international growth and for that a different kind of leadership is needed”, says Martin Falkevall, Chairman of the Board. “I know that Frederic Laziou is exactly what Tacton needs and I am absolute certain that he will lead the company in the right direction”, mentions Christer Wallberg.

Frederic LaziouFrederic brings 15 years’ experience in IT and technology working with general management, corporate and business development, M&A and strategy. Prior to Tacton, Frederic was the CEO of 24 Solutions, a cloud infrastructure provider. Frederic also has extensive international experience from working in, and with, several different cultures which is a great asset to a global company, such as Tacton.

“I am very happy and honored to have been chosen as Tacton’s next CEO and am excited about this new challenge supporting manufacturing companies in their digital transformation. We operate in an exciting fast paced market that requires constant focus on the ability to innovate and accelerate. I am convinced that Tacton’s long experience within the industry, combined with our recognized best-in-class products, will enable us to become a global leader”, says Frederic Laziou.

For more information:
Frederic Laziou, CEO Tacton Systems
Phone: +46 709 56 43 12

Christer Wallberg, Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Tacton Systems
Phone: +46 730 32 49 70

Tacton Systems partners with CAD-Q/Symetri for the Autodesk Inventor market

Stockholm, Sweden – March 29, 2016 – Tacton Systems (Tacton), global supplier of Design Automation and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions for the manufacturing industry announces today that they have entered into a partnership with Autodesk Gold Partner CAD-Q/Symetri, the leading reseller of Autodesk in the Nordics and UK, where CAD-Q/Symetri will resell and implement Tacton’s Design Automation solution for Autodesk Inventor.

CAD-Q/Symetri is the leading provider of IT Solutions related to CAD, BIM, Lean Engineering and Building & Product Lifecycle Management and work with process and method enhancements by implementing software, training and support. This, together with Tacton’s long experience from Design Automation and CPQ makes this a very strong partnership and a great resource for current and prospective customers.

“With this partnership Cad-Q/Symetri takes the next step in the area of Design Automation and CPQ by expanding our portfolio of expert consultants with further technology capabilities. Tacton’s solutions will enable us to deliver best in class technology inside this area so our customers can become more competitive”, says Jens Kollserud, CEO, CAD-Q/Symetri

This partnership makes the Tacton technology available to the large customer base of Cad-Q/Symetri and enables them to use Design Automation and CPQ to shorten time for re-designs, quoting and producing customizable products.

“We are very impressed with the job CAD-Q/Symetri has done for their customers and are looking forward to working with them as our partner. With this new partnership we can offer a very strong Design Automation solution to the Autodesk community in the Nordics and the UK”, says Christer Wallberg, CEO Tacton Systems

For more information:


Jens Kollserud, CEO

Phone: +46 70 875 19 20


Tacton Systems
Christer Wallberg, CEO

Phone: +46 730 32 49 70


About CADQ

Cad-Q/Symetri is the leading CAD, BIM, Lean Engineering and BLM/PLM solutions and service provider in Northern Europe. Company was founded in 1989 and today employs 300 skilled employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK.

About Tacton Systems

Tacton Systems is the world leader in solutions for Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ), also known as sales and product configuration. Tacton’s solutions make it dramatically simpler to design, configure and sell products and services. The solutions integrate easily with surrounding systems and have standard integrations for many leading e-commerce, ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, and CAD systems. Tacton is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers and resellers across the globe. Customers currently using Tacton’s solutions include ABB, Aker, Meyn Food Processing, Scania, Siemens and Toshiba. Read more at


Tacton Systems strengthens relationship with Japanese Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company

Stockholm, Sweden – February 25, 2016 – Tacton Systems, global supplier of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions for the manufacturing industry continues to strengthen its presence in the Japanese market by deepening their relationship with Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company. 

Tacton Systems (Tacton) has been working together with Japanese Toshiba CO’s internal company Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company (Toshiba Industrial) for some time now and are now entering into a partnership contract where Tacton and Toshiba Industrial will work together on various projects within Toshiba CO and Toshiba Industrial will also start reselling Tacton CPQ to the Japanese market.

Tacton Systems and the solution Tacton CPQ help companies to sell products in markets with increasing demand for highly customized products. These are often products that are sold in several markets with different cultures, price strategies, features and legal systems. Tacton CPQ enables the users to instantly present the optimal specifications and estimated prices for their customers. Up until now, Tacton CPQ solutions have been adopted by more than 250 companies globally.
With this partnership and the opportunity to sell Tacton CPQ, Toshiba Industrial will be able to combine their knowledge and experiences with the products of Toshiba Industrial and its group with Tacton’s expertise and knowledge from CPQ to successfully deliver great customer experience.

“We are very happy about the partnership and are looking forward to working closer with Toshiba in the future. Partners like Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company are crucial to us in order to build a strong professional partner network in Japan, as well as, being able to serve our customers in the best possible way”, says Christer Wallberg, CEO Tacton Systems.

For more information:
Tacton Systems
Christer Wallberg, CEO
Phone: +46 730 32 49 70

SAP Configuration Guru, Dr. Albert Haag, Joins Tacton Systems

Stockholm, February 17, 2016: Tacton Systems AB, a leader in software for Configure Price Quote (CPQ), announces today that Dr. Albert Haag, former Development Architect for SAP IPC has joined the company.

Dr. Albert Haag (Albert) is a well-known Development Architect within the SAP community. He has more than 20 years’ experience with the SAP VC and IPC configurators. Albert was also recently awarded for the best paper in the 2015 Configuration Workshop, which is a semi-academic conference for different aspects of configuration technology. Albert now joins Tacton to be a part of the SAP team and work on interpreting SAP product models for use with the Tacton configurator. This will also enhance the existing integration between Tacton CPQ and SAP ERP.
“I am very excited to get the opportunity to work with Tacton’s configurator engine which has a high reputation both in the market and in academia as a state of the art constraint solver. It will be very interesting for me to apply the Tacton engine to SAP ERP configuration models and to attempt to obtain the best of both worlds. I am also very impressed with the people I get to work with at Tacton, which was one of the main factors in my decision to join Tacton”, says Dr. Albert Haag.

A world class integration to SAP ERP is a major success factor for Tacton in being able to provide the best possible solution for current and prospective customers today and in the future. The recruitment of Albert is a great asset to the company.

“About 70% of our customers are SAP ERP users and we want to make sure that they can count on us when it comes to providing the best possible solution for them. We are very happy and proud that Albert decided to join us and I know that he will be a great fit and asset to our team. We all look forward to working with him”, says Christer Wallberg, CEO Tacton Systems
Albert joined Tacton Systems in December last year.

PR – Tacton employs 60 new experts after strong result

The Swedish software company, Tacton Systems, a global provider of software for sales and product configuration, reports record earnings for fiscal 2014. With growth last year at 39 percent, the company’s revenue surged to SEK 170 million and earnings to SEK 27 million. The forecast for 2015 is strong growth with about 60 new employees.

“Last year we signed several new contracts with major international companies. At the same time, we continued to intensify collaboration with existing customers. In 2014, CPQ solutions–Configure Price Quote–had its breakthrough. We notice now that advanced configuration often lies at the management level and becomes an integral part of the sales process for successful companies,” says Christer Wallberg, CEO, Tacton.

In 2014 Tacton won the prestigious Export Hermes prize awarded by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The prize is awarded annually to companies in Sweden that can demonstrate outstanding export results. Tacton was also named a “Gazelle Company” by Dagens Industri for the third consecutive year. Last year Tacton was also designated as a “Super Company” by the Swedish business magazine, Veckans Affärer.

Expansion and 60 new employees in 2015

Tacton’s goal is to reach SEK 500 million in revenue in 2017 and the company’s recruitment rate is now about 15 people per quarter, including engineers, computer scientists and PhDs.

“We see continued strong and growing demand for the products and services that Tacton offers, with an expected growth rate this year of 30 to 40 percent. The trend for 2015 is positive with a major expansion expected in both the Swedish and international markets and a continued positive trend for both sales and earnings,” says Christer Wallberg, CEO, Tacton.

“The latest trend for large manufacturing companies is to buy complete solutions from Tacton covering all of the customer’s products. This means that projects have become much larger and that each major international customer project often involves over 30 specialists from Tacton,” says Christer Wallberg, CEO, Tacton.

Key financial figures 2014

In 2014 Tacton had revenues of SEK 170 million, representing a growth rate of 39 percent over the previous year. Operating profit increased by 150 percent to SEK 27 million. By comparison, Tacton’s average growth over the past four years has been higher than 30 percent.

PR – Tacton Systems partners with US-based Technicon Systems, Inc.

Stockholm, May 5, 2015: Tacton Systems, the world leading software supplier for complex sales and product configuration, announces today a partnership with Technicon Systems, Inc. to bring Tacton’s world-class CPQ offerings to the North American market.

The need for world-class configuration tools is increasing at a rapid pace globally, and Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) solutions represent one of the fastest growing markets. This is true for the North American market where Tacton achieved great success last year. To maintain this momentum and continue to grow market share, Tacton has partnered with Technicon. Technicon has more than 20 years of experience developing advanced sales automation, visualization and e-commerce systems for the manufacturing industry.

Technicon will sell, implement and support Tacton’s full solution suite, including software for Design Automation, in the North American market. Technicon brings complimentary products including Product Information Management (PIM) and their award-winning product visualization to the partnership to best serve our customers.

“We are pleased about this partnership and believe it will be a true win-win relationship. Tacton brings a state-of-the-art CPQ solution. We have the technical knowledge and understanding for using this technology within the manufacturing industry.  Together we make a great team”, says Mark Keenan, CEO at Technicon.

As an Autodesk and SAP partner, Technicon brings their experience integrating CPQ solutions into SAP and Autodesk installations.

“We are very proud to have Technicon as a partner. We are currently expanding quickly in several markets and to do this in a controlled way, we need professional partners that we can trust and work well with. We see Technicon as a perfect fit for us and we know that this collaboration will bring about many good things,” says Christer Wallberg, CEO Tacton Systems.


About Technicon Systems Inc.
Technicon has built a reputation for excellence based on over two decades of advanced sales automation, visualization and e-commerce system development. Every day, some of the world’s foremost manufacturers use Technicon’s systems to organize and sell thousands of products.

Technicon’s technical experience, combined with the vision and stability of our management team and our emphasis on rigorous internal project management, have played key roles in ensuring our customers achieve their business goals.
Technicon believes your sales systems should be as good as the products you represent. Isn’t it time that you became the best company that your customers work with?  

About Tacton Systems
Tacton Systems is the world leader in advanced configuration. Tacton’s technology redefines how product configuration is managed, making it radically simpler to design, configure and sell complex products. Tacton’s solutions integrate easily with surrounding systems and have standard integrations for many leading e-commerce, ERP, CRM, PDM, PLM, and CAD systems. Customers currently using Tacton’s solutions include Meyn Food Processing, ABB, Siemens, Scania, Toshiba, Aker, and Alfa Laval. Read more at