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Our Tacton software courses are run by certified specialists who always work to maximize your learning and engagement. Courses combine theory and practice by using relevant and realistic examples that can be applied directly to your project.

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Course Catalog

Tacton Academy training courses will help get your team and/or your implementation partners up to speed on Tacton products and tools. We offer standard courses such as those listed below, but can also design a training program specifically for your needs! The courses can be held at Tacton offices or at your premises. Our trainers are experienced consultants and training specialists.

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Modeling Basic Training


An introduction to the Tacton modeling products. Participants will work hands-on with TCstudio, to get a basic understanding of Tacton back-end products and solutions.

TCsite Basic Development Training


Designed for participants who want to gain an understanding of the inner workings of TCsite. Participants will also gain practical experience in modifying and extending the functionality of TCsite.

Document Generation Basic Training


An introduction to Tacton document generator products, hands-on exercises with TCdocgen in TCSite and TCStudio to get a basic understanding of the Tacton document generation solution.

Modeling Rundown Training


Theoretical introduction as well as practical, hands-on experience of the Tacton rundown methodology and the TCexcel Add-in product.

Modeling Methodology Training


An overview of how to create successful, easily maintained models. Participants will learn the tools and how to structure a model in order to make for a successful implementation.

Modeling Advanced Training


Theoretical introduction as well as practical hands-on experience of the more advanced and powerful concepts and tools available in the Tacton modelling tool (TCStudio).

TCsite for Modelers


Teaches modelers how to create models and customize the UI for the TCSite sales application. Using a combination of model tags and TCSite resources, participants will carry out hands-on exercises that adapt a model so that it looks and works the way a professional model should in TCSite.

TCsite for Administrators


This is the TCSite for Administrators course. It does not cover any modeling concepts and is purely aimed at the person implementing the TCSite installation at a customer site. The course consists of PPT presentations as well as a live walk-through of TCSite.

TCsite Application Advanced Training


For experienced developers who want to extend their knowledge of TCsite. The goal of the course is for participants to gain the knowledge to design and lead work on large TCsite customizations and integration



An introduction to Tacton Design Automation products. Participants will work hands-on with Tacton Design Automation Studio and Tacton Design Automation Engineer to get a basic understanding of the Tacton Design Automation solution for SOLIDWORKS.

Tacton for Inventor


An introduction to Tacton Design Automation products. Participants will work hands-on with Tacton Design Automation Studio and Tacton Design Automation Engineer to get a basic understanding of the Tacton Design Automation solution for Inventor.

Tacton CPQ Administration


The objective for this course is to cover everything that is included in the professional edition of Tacton CPQ. It is also the introductory course for the Enterprise edition of Tacton CPQ. The course explains the main workflow and the objects involved, but not how to alter or extend it.

Tacton CPQ Application Configuration


This course is for those who do the initial configuration of the Tacton CPQ application, and for those who need to make changes or extensions to the object models. It covers the interface to the product configuration model, pricing model, quotation templates and integrations.

Tacton CPQ Pricing


Pricing training explains how to create and maintain pricing models within Tacton CPQ. It contains a general introduction to pricing and practical exercises.

Tacton Extension Administration


This course explains the main workflow and the objects in Tacton Extension for SalesForce CPQ.  A prerequisite for this course is the Brown Belt training in SalesForce CPQ.

Modeling Testing Training


The course gives the participants a foundation for quality assurance in projects. The training is based on using Testbench, which is a part of TCStudio, and by using debugging methods. The course offers a mix of theoretical parts, as well as practical hands-on exercises.

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