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Services: Implementation, Reseller
Product: Design Automation
Region: North America
Address: 8220 Mount Logan Ct. Las Vegas, Nevada 89131
Phone Number: 702.335.2316

Right Path

Right Path Design Automation partners with Tacton to provide design automation and configuration solutions in North America.

Where Computer Aided Design changed the face of design engineering, design automation is changing the face of machine design by allowing for the rapid exchange of ideas between the customer and your company.

Right Path Design Automation works alongside Tacton customers to integrate their SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor models with the Tacton software platform in order to optimize their engineering and design task requirements.

Experienced in model development for Tacton Design Automation Engineer, TC Site, TC Studio, and Tacton DocGen modules, Right Path Design Automation provides a wide range of services including:

  • Tacton model development (TC Studio, Tacton Design Automation Engineer)
  • Customer training for Tacton products (TC Studio, Tacton Design Automation Engineer)
  • Modular product architecture development
  • Guidance in “best practice” implementation

Working as a team, we strive to guide design requirements, quickly and effectively address voice of the customer requirements while achieving the goals and objectives of your company.

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