As a Tacton partner, Vanenburg delivers Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ to manufacturing companies throughout Europe, enabling digital transformation throughout their organizations. With over 30 years in the enterprise software market, Vanenburg’s experienced team ensures a smooth and successful implementation – every time.

Vanenburg Software is an independent software and services organization which delivers process-centric cloud solutions and apps for both large and small enterprises. The company’s expertise helps manufacturing companies increase operational efficiency, enable unique industry-specific capabilities, and create a favorable environment for addressing and identifying their next competitive advantage.
This systemic approach to software implementation places Vanenburg at the heart of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation. By offering disruptive solutions and leveraging platforms, the company effectively helps organizations realize it is more efficient, faster and more economical to change, differentiate and innovate their digital processes.
Key customers include: Valeo, Airties, Fokker, Nikon, eVerbinding and Enza Seeds.

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Partner profile
Services: Implementation
Product: Tacton Extension for Salesforce CPQ
Region: Europe
Address: Vanenburgerallee 3, 3882, RH, Putten, The Netherlands
Phone Number: +31 341 745 999
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