Reduce risk

Things go wrong from time to time. It’s part and parcel of being in business.
Minimizing the likelihood of these events, and effectively dealing with them when they do happen,
can be the difference between long-term prosperity and business failure.

Stay compliant

Staying on top of the intricacies of regulatory requirements and their impact on product configurations can be challenging to say the least. This task becomes even tougher when you operate across borders or sell through a sales channel that has limited access to product expertise.

The claims, lawsuits and financial penalties that arise when things go wrong can pose huge risks to a business. Not to mention the impact of negative publicity and loss of brand equity.

Tacton’s CPQ solution offers certainty that products are technically correct, and meet all regulatory and customer contractual requirements. Accurate and comprehensive product and commercial documentation offers transparency and reduces exposure to claims should something be questioned or disputed.

Traceability – your “get out of jail card”

If things do go wrong, it is important to have the correct measures in place to deal with the issue with speed and certainty. Tacton’s configuration solution goes beyond sales configuration. It connects the sales end of the business and validates any customer configuration back to design and manufacturing. This is unique to Tacton, and brings a series of business benefits. One of which is the ability to trace a configured end product all the way back through to the individual bill of material components and manufacturing operations. While this information is a legal obligation in many industries, your ability to access it has a direct impact on how swiftly and smoothly you can deal with recalls or repairs.

Mitigate financial risk

Offering something to a customer always comes with a degree of financial risk. There may be a dispute about something that isn't clearly documented, things can go wrong with a shipment, a customer may not keep to the agreed payment terms.

Tacton CPQ covers not just the quotation of the product itself, but also the context within which it is being offered. Since the complete delivery is addressed at the quotation stage, risk can be mitigated from the outset with financial risk premiums or contractual language. For example, the credit rating of the customer can be used to automatically adjust pricing and payment terms. Incoterms can be modelled and reflected in pricing, providing clarity around delivery and any duties incurred as well as ownership and handover of insurance responsibility.

When there is transparency and certainty around what has been agreed up-front, the risk of costly disputes down the line is greatly reduced. This benefits both you and your customer.