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The CPQ Guide for Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers

cpq guide for heavy vehicles

Has your automotive or heavy vehicle manufacturing operation struggled keeping up with today’s highly customizable quotes and orders from customers? If the answer is yes, it’s time to consider options such as Tacton CPQ software for the automotive industry. Utilizing CPQ it’s easier than ever to quickly customize, visualize and produce the unique configurations your customers want, and fast Our CPQ guide for heavy vehicles can be your first step in digital transformation.

What’s in the CPQ Guide for Heavy Vehicles?

  • Learn how CPQ can help automotive manufacturers use guided selling to make their newest sales team member sell faster than ever.
  • Use Visual Configuration to cut down on costly mistakes and misconfigurations.
  • Your sales and partner teams have struggled with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when selling.
  • And much more!

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Tacton Visual Configuration at Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Visual Configuration is being used by some of the leading manufacturers of Automotive and Heavy vehicle companies across the globe. Visual Configuration at Mercedes-Benz is setting them apart from their competition by giving them a way to sell faster while also engaging and empowering customers to visualize their products.

Go to the Mercedes-Benz website and give Tacton Visual Configuration a test drive!


Kramp is one of the largest technical wholesalers in Europe and a one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services, and business solutions. With its experience and expertise, Kramp is also a strategic partner for agricultural, landscaping and forestry companies, as well as for the earth-moving industry sector and OEM companies.

Since implementing its Tacton CPQ and Design Automation solution, Kramp has entered a new era and can now offer and deliver configured products as if they were standardized, enabling higher efficiency and sales.

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“In the past, we did everything to the customer’s wishes. Today, the customer still has this perception, but we are in fact supplying a configured product based on carefully identified and standardized building blocks. This makes us faster and helps keep our stock levels down. It also ensures that products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is placed.”

Marcel Walvoort
Manager Product Configurator, Kramp


Finnish company VAK manufactures heavy vehicles and equipment. While the products appear similar, truck assemblies can include up to 1,000 individual parts. Managing this complexity was a challenge. Read how the company streamlined the design and engineering process with Tacton CPQ and Design Automation.

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