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The CPQ Guide for Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing can encompass a wide array of products, from robotics to material processing. Many of these manufacturers have struggled with slow quoting, product misconfiguration and much more that cost time and money. Searching for new solutions can lead to a digital transformation and a distinct competitive advantage.

Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software can make all the difference in streamlining internal processes while enabling an omnichannel customer experience

In addition to CPQ, your teams can enable cutting edge Visual Configuration that show products in real-time in their actual environment.

What’s in the CPQ Guide for Industrial Manufacturing?

  • Learn how CPQ can help manufacturers use guided selling to make their newest sales team members sell faster than ever.
  • Discover how CPQ enables the optimal product solution, the first time, every time.
  • Use Visual Configuration to cut down on costly mistakes and misconfigurations.
  • And much more!

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Insta GmbH

Insta gmbh finds success with Tacton CPQ

The Challenge

Insta realized they were facing a challenge selling their creative lightline system to architects because of the mass number of components. If a customer wanted a project-specific item from Insta their technicians were responsible for finding these items.

Without the proper software to help technicians, this painstaking process took hours of searching by hand. Insta also tried to work with other solutions to showcase their products through their website, which failed to give a clear visual of the actual product. The quotations at the beginning of projects would also slow down due to errors in the original quote, this is when Insta GmbH began searching for a solution.

The Solution

Insta wanted a configuration solution that would help enable their sales, technicians and marketing teams to plan the complex systems efficiently. Insta chose a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution to address their unique challenges.

Tacton’s CPQ tool helped calculate the exact measurement for Insta’s manufacturers who are cutting the lighting material. Before using a Tacton solution the dimensions of products would need to be handmade, which lead to mistakes. Using a CPQ tool allowed for exact measurements to be measured right the first time, every time.

Once Tacton was implemented the sales team saved between 850 and 1,200 hours per year related to project calculation.

About Insta

“Tacton automated our processes significantly, making it easier to generate solid leads. Customers are also able to configure their own product by using the Tacton via our web page, those configurations are sent automatically to our CRM system, generating leads.”

Henning Lanwer-Insta GmbH

Founded in 1970 Insta GmbH is a leader in the production of electronics, systems, software and electromechanics solutions. The Insta Technology Center has more than 580 employees that develop and manufacture innovative products and systems for modern architectural lighting.

The Results

  • Saved 1,200 work hours per year
  • 100% accurate quotes
  • Used as a lead generation tool
  • Created accurate documentation

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Husky Hot Runners and Controllers

Husky Hot Runners uses Tacton CPQ software for their product configurations

The Challenge

Husky was facing a challenging quoting process for their hot runner business when they realized they needed to consider 60-70 variables for each solution. These variables may seem small, but behind each variable was thousands of guidelines for what to select into a configuration. This meant the sales engineers managing the quote would have to do manual work across multiple systems in Excel and look-up charts.​

The Solution

From sales to engineering, they searched for a solution that would work for anyone who needed to configure products.​

Husky’s search led them to Tacton CPQ. With Tacton, Husky finally found a tool that can handle their product complexity while cutting the time spent on their tens of thousands of quotes per year. Working with Tacton also helps Husky sales reps prepare quotes without support which allows engineers to focus on innovation. ​

About Husky Hot Runners

Tacton supports our solutioning processes globally.

Steffen Bönecke
Director of Global Engineering and Operation Transformation​

Husky Injection Molding Systems is a global leader in supplying injection molding equipment and services. With over 4,000 employees worldwide Husky supports customers in over 100 countries.​

The Results

Reduced solution time 75%

100% Error free quotes

Zero incorrect configurations

Lowered Warranty Costs

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nVent Hoffman

Success Story Tacton CPQ Eldon

nVent Hoffman was previously known as Eldon.

The Challenge

Today, customized products account for about 20% of Eldon’s sales, a share that is growing every year. While this is welcome in terms of opportunity and growth, it also brings productivity issues. With limited re-use of previously performed work, Eldon found that too much time and resources were going into custom quotations.

Changes were needed. Not only to meet specific customer needs from a product point of view but also to ensure that quotes could be delivered quickly and without incurring too much cost. With Eldon’s customers increasingly expecting a similar buying experience for both standard and customized products, it was clear that the company needed a better way to manage one-off orders.

The Solution

Eldon kicked-off a major initiative called the Eldon Quotation Solution (EQS). The broad goal was to make Eldon more modern, responsive and efficient.

To achieve this, Eldon decided to start with a generic model. The idea was to develop a basic solution, but at the same time, one where all products in the portfolio could be quoted in Tacton CPQ. An improved model, called the “family model” was then developed to include logic for how products and accessories fit together.

Tacton has also had a major impact on Eldon’s design process. One Eldon employee explains, “Before we implemented Tacton, our engineers would often spend 6-7 hours just to customize a drawing. Today this can often be done in minutes.”

About nVent Hoffman

“Tacton is an extremely powerful tool that brings us closer to our customers by offering customized solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

Mats Toftebrant, nVent Hoffman

Founded in 1922 in Nässjö, Sweden, the company rose to prominence thanks to a series of ground-breaking innovations including electric heaters, switchgear and battery-powered radios

The Results

  • Drawings went from hours to minutes
  • 100% Error free quotes
  • Able to quickly react to create custom quotes
  • Fully integrated into CAD

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The Swisslog CPQ project

The Challenge

The manufacturer of warehouse and distribution systems was already serving some of the world’s largest companies, but the manual effort and time involved in preparing customer quotes were hindering growth plans.

The Solution

Swisslog uses Tacton CPQ for its stacker crane business and is heavily dependent on it. Prior to Tacton, Swisslog worked out the specification for the cranes manually using MS Excel and Mathcad. Swisslog sales reps can now produce budget quotations without any involvement from the product experts. This is a real competitive advantage. When the Tacton sales configuration is complete, about 80% of the products can go straight to production.

About Swisslog

“Tacton is the most important sales tool we have. It is easy, fast and we can’t work without it!”

Martin Björklund, Swisslog

The right level of automation at your distribution facility could set you in the direction of success. Swisslog designs, develops and delivers a wide range of automation solutions, from tote to pallet based, goods to person technologies, intelligent software and self-learning robotics.

The Results

  • 80% of portfolio is ready to be produced after configuration
  • Meets country specific requirements with one click
  • 100% accurate quotes
  • 1,000s of working hours saved per year

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Yaskawa’s CPQ Project

Yaskawa is the world’s leading supplier of robotics solutions. Dr Klos, General Manager of Yaskawa Europe tells the story of Yaskawa’s CPQ project. Dr Klos explains how Yaskawa has transformed its quotation process and said goodbye to sales spreadsheets, manual quote preparation, lengthy quotation cycles and costly errors.

Learn more in our Yaskawa Success Guide


The Challenge

To meet the growing demand, the company realized its sale quoting process wouldn’t be able to cope. When quoting for new business, the sales team relied on Excel to capture a list of customer requirements.

This Excel file was handed over to an inside sales group who manually created a quotation based on the list. Yaskawa product portfolio includes over 120 different robot models, all with configurable options and add-ons. Factor in a long and complex price list with customer-specific discounts and the situation gets complicated quickly.

For each deal, the team would waste time chasing information internally, sometimes even needing to involve the Japanese organization to get clarification on product availability, lead times, and compatibility. This, of course, led to delays.

The Solution

Yaskawa decided to look for a sales configuration solution and evaluated three commercial tools. They also challenged whether they needed a commercial tool at all, and looked both at improving their existing Excel calculation and at working with their ERP vendor, SAP.

The first thing that spoke for Tacton was the easy and powerful way the logic is represented within the configuration tool. The second factor was that it can be easily maintained by people in our company. Because the configuration logic is separate from the product data, we found that the modeler just defines the model and the relationships. After that, all the parts, products, prices and lead times can be fed into those models and updated very easily.

About Yaskawa

“I know many companies hesitate to introduce a configurator because they think – our products cannot be streamlined. There were people in our company who said it wouldn’t be possible, but it was. It was the right step and the right decision to select Tacton.”

Dr. Michael Klos, Yaskawa

Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading robotics company in the Americas. With over 400,000 Motoman robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

The Results

  • Full integration with Yaskawa’s ERP system
  • the sales teams are now generating high-quality quotes with pricing, without any extra help
  • Able to quickly react to create custom quotes
  • 100% accurate quotes

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The Challenge

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industrial customers to improve their performance while lowering their environmental impact. ABB sales staff and partners historically used two different configurator solutions and this resulted in many incomplete factory orders. ABB wanted to make their sales process more efficient by reducing the need for engineering support.

The two different configurators for their accessories range –covered only 20% of their products. This warranted a big change from ABB to find a new way to configure their products.

The Solution

Tacton Configurator is embedded in ABB’s order management system and its eCommerce system for correct and fast configuration. All Accessories orders (valued in excess of USD 270 million annual) were consolidated into just one system, Tacton Configurator was implemented nearly 10 years ago and the progress is still going strong. The number of minimum rules was greatly reduced.

Four months after switching to Tacton, ABB is now covering 100% of the product range and has replaced 500,000+ configuration rules with just 150 constraints.

About ABB

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industrial customers to improve their performance while lowering their environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs some 104,000 people.

The Results

  • 100% of product range is covered
  • 500,000 rules are now 150 constraints
  • Fewer ABB engineers need to support the sales process
  • Higher hit rate leads to improved productivity

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FL Smidth

The Challenge

The company offers everything from single machines to complete cement plants and mineral processing facilities. As with all industrial equipment, customization is a necessity. To optimize workflow, FLSmidth used legacy product configuration to optimize proposals, orders, and design for many years.

When their current configurator solution no longer supported their needs, they chose to replace it with Tacton’s stronger constraint-based solutions. It was also important to FLSmidth that Tacton Configurator is XML-based and designed to be embeddable in other applications

The Solution

During the evaluation, FLSmidth was impressed by Tacton Configurator’s ease of use and maintenance, and interactivity as a product configurator and sales configurator. Together with Tacton Design Automation, it strengthened the automated output of 2D/3D and ERP documentation. working, consistently across all products.

FLSmidth was able to reuse existing integrations to their legacy system, and the user interface was tailored to the organization’s way of working, consistently across all products. Tacton’s solution is now used in approximately 50 different FL Smidth product models.

Tacton Configurator seamlessly integrates FLSmidth’s system with external programs that do complex equipment sizing calculations. Utilizing the same Tacton model, FLSmidth strengthened its automated output of 2D, 3D, ERP, Microsoft documents, etc.

About FL Smidth

Global engineering company FL Smidth supplies equipment and services to the cement and minerals industry. The company replaced its legacy configurator with Tacton’s constraint-based system and has streamlined product configuration, design and proposal generation.

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