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The CPQ Guide for Power Generation Manufacturers

When it comes to Power Generation manufacturing no two customers are the same. Energy and power generation equipment manufacturers face numerous product, industry and customer challenges. These challenges lead to quoting errors, losing customers and wasting time. All of these issues can be addressed with the latest from Tacton.

Tacton Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software can handle all of these challenges by streamlining sales processes and enabling a unique omnichannel buying and selling experience.

In addition to CPQ, your teams can enable cutting edge Visual Configuration that show products in real-time in their actual environment.

What’s in the CPQ Guide for Power Generation?

  • Learn how CPQ can help Power Generation manufacturers use guided selling to make their newest sales team members sell faster than ever.
  • Discover how CPQ enables the optimal product solution, the first time, every time.
  • Use Visual Configuration to cut down on costly mistakes and misconfigurations.
  • And much more!

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FLSmidth’s Tacton CPQ Project

Learn how FLSmidth managed to minimize their workload for proposals, orders and designs with CPQ and Design Automation from Tacton Systems.

FLSmidth is a market-leading global supplier of equipment and services to the global minerals and cement industries in more than 50 countries. FLSmidth supplies everything from single machine units to complete minerals and cement flow sheets including associated services.


FLSmidth has seen very good results and many benefits after starting to use CPQ for their proposals and orders. For example, they can now:

  • execute orders in minutes rather than hours
  • experience shorter lead times in the quote and order process
  • make more standardized and higher quality configurations
  • present higher quality bids and documentation
  • minimize the workload for proposal/order/design

How did FLSmidth do it?

The company is using a sales configuration solution and a Design Automation solution from Tacton. Tacton’s technology redefines how products are configured – making it radically simpler to configure and sell complex products.

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Caterpillar Propulsion’s Project


Caterpillar Propulsion is one of the world’s leading producers of controllable pitch propellers. The company has transformed how it designs and quotes for its products with Design Automation software from Tacton.

Caterpillar Propulsion used to allocate 24-60 hours to produce drawings for its customized propellers. Now the company is producing the same drawings in less than 20 minutes with Tacton.

View our webinar, find out how Caterpillar Propulsion achieved these impressive results, and learn how you can do the same.


The Industrial Power division at Siemens is using the latest in CPQ software to slash the time it takes to prepare customer quotes and simplify product configuration.

Siemens used to allocate 8 weeks to produce a custom quote for its gas turbine units. Now the sales team can produce the same quote in a matter of minutes. In most cases, without any help from product specialists.

On top of this the number of rules required to configure the turbines has been reduced from hundreds of thousands to less than 200 constraints.

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The beauty of the Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and quotation correct each time. It now takes us only five minutes to generate a complete budget offer including pricing. This saves us tremendous amounts of time and money.

Jan Nilsson
Senior Engineer CRM Process & IT Development, Siemens