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CPQ Guide for Packaging and Production Lines Manufacturers

Selling Packaging and Production Line equipment is no easy feat. The equipment is complex with hundreds of configurable options and parameters. Machine or packaging solutions need to interface with a production line and work within a defined space.

The knowledge required to configure the desired product for a customer is immense, and sales-people often have difficulty knowing how to address customer needs and position the best solution.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software can make all the difference in streamlining internal processes while enabling an omnichannel customer experience

In addition to CPQ, your teams can enable cutting edge Visual Configuration that show products in real-time in their actual environment. Even showing how different legal and safety standards can shape a product.

What’s in the CPQ Guide for Packaging and Production Lines?

  • Learn how CPQ can help Packaging and Production line manufacturers use guided selling to make their newest sales team members sell faster than ever.
  • Discover how CPQ enables the optimal product solution, the first time, every time.
  • Use Visual Configuration to cut down on costly mistakes and misconfigurations.
  • And much more!

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Plus Pack CPQ Success Story

Plus Pack, an established food packaging manufacturer based in Odense, Denmark, has made Product Configuration a crucial component of their digital strategy. Plus Pack’s mission is to become the preferred partner of customized and sustainable packaging solutions, and with Tacton CPQ Plus Pack is well-equipped to reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

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“Tacton will allow us to better serve our customers by shortening the time to value and continue our strategy of helping our customers stand-out with sustainable packaging solutions.”

Anders Top Haustrup

Vencomatic’s CPQ Project

The Challenge

As with any part of the food production chain, poultry farming is closely monitored and highly regulated. Each country has different rules and standards that govern how chickens can be housed. This posed a challenge for Vencomatic. As the company’s global reach grew, it became increasingly difficult to stay on top of the intricacies of the regulatory requirements, and their impact on the equipment configurations.

Vencomatic was operating an online sales configurator that had been developed in-house. It had reached a point, however, where major input was needed to maintain and revise the tool. A decision was made to look for a solution that would deliver the sales configuration functionality Vencomatic needed. Tacton provided that functionality.

The Solution

Meanwhile, the Vencomatic dealer network had an urgent need for a sales tool that would help them configure products accurately and produce professional quotes. The company, therefore, decided to start at the sales end, working with the existing product structures.

The project kicked off in December 2012 and the sales configurator was tested internally by product engineers before it was rolled out to the dealer network. The sales team at Vencomatic can now create complete quotes including pricing for six product lines using the new configurator and so far the new system has been very well received. Country regulations and standard parameters are already figured in, so the dealer doesn’t need to go about defining these for each new quote. This results in a time saving of approximately 40-50% per quote.

About Vencomatic

“Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles. Regardless of the customer’s starting point, the software always calculates the best solution”

Koen Boot, CIO, Vencomatic

Dutch company Vencomatic produces equipment for the poultry farming industry. The company operates in over 70 countries, selling mainly through an extensive dealer network. The industry is highly regulated, with many country-specific standards and legislation.

The Results

  • Speeding up quotation time by more than 50%.
  • Fully integrated into Vencomatic’s CRM and ERP
  • Meets country specific requirements with one click
  • 100% accurate quotes

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Meyn Food processing

The Challenge

Meyn provides everything from standalone machines to wall-to-wall factory solutions which can include up to 80 different pieces of equipment. As Meyn grew, the number of contracts it was bidding for increased, the company was preparing 2,000 quotes per year. To produce these quotes, Meyn relied on a product configurator that had originally been developed to support manufacturing requirements.

This meant the sales team often had to turn to product specialists, who in turn needed to contact the customer. This process took a lot of time and effort. A typical quotation took two days – sometimes up to a week. With a hit rate of roughly 30%, the company was spending a lot of time and money producing quotations that didn’t amount to anything.

The Solution

Meyn realized that they needed a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tool that would allow the sales team to quote quickly at the initial stage of the sales cycle. They also wanted the tool to be able to generate detail for those cases that were further along. And they wanted the solution to be available online.

By simplifying the quotation process, the company reasoned that they could save time and money and focus efforts on the sales cases that were further along in the process. Meyn has managed to reduce the number of questions required to produce a quote by 85%. A quotation for a single machine can now be produced in less than 15 minutes, while a budget quote for a complete line takes just 3-4 hours. This previously took between two days and a week.

About Meyn

“We have a great cooperation with Tacton, we’ve found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feels more like a partnership rather than a customer, supplier relationship and they are really helping us to succeed.”

Sicco Saft, Meyn

Meyn is the industry leader in the manufacturing of poultry processing equipment. Meyn’s technology and services provide local answers, globally.

The Results

  • Reduced quoting time by 60%
  • Meyn has managed to reduce the number of questions required to produce a quote by 85%
  • Full integrations with Meyn’s CRM
  • Zero incorrect configurations

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The Challenge

With some 40,000 customers, over 500,000 products – many with tight margins – commercial and operational scalability is of critical importance. Over the past ten years, Kramp has moved purposefully towards an eCommerce model, and today the company receives a vast majority of orders directly via their webshop. The company processes an average of 70,000 line items per day, increasing to 120,000 in the agricultural high season.

The reliance on engineering input to validate product design, manufacturability, and pricing as well as the knowledge gap between customers, sales reps, and product experts, was hampering Kramp in its effort to grow and expand into new markets. This challenge made Kramp consider new solutions to deal with their expanding business.

The Solution

Following a comprehensive evaluation process, the team identified Tacton and SolidWorks as the key suppliers for the solution. The implementation was not without its challenges though. Before moving away from the manual ordering process, in favor of a fully automated CPQ process with built-in design automation, a new modeling approach for the products had to be put in place.

Today Kramp’s customers can place orders for hydraulic cylinders (MTO) and hoses (ATO) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a cylinder is configured and an order is placed in the webshop, a validated production drawing is available to manufacturing just 10 minutes later.

About Kramp

“Our goal was to make the customer feel as if they were getting a custom product, but the experience is as easy as buying a standard product from the web shop.”

Marcel Walvoort, Manager Product Configurator

Today Kramp is one of the largest wholesalers into the agricultural sector in Europe, with 3,200 employees and branches in 24 countries.

The Results

  • 35% growth in new customer numbers
  • 40% growth in order lines for their hydraulic cylinders business.
  • Validated product drawings in minutes
  • Expanded Kramp’s eCommerce business

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