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The Engineering Guide to CPQ

visual configuration

Many manufacturers have manual business
processes stored across multiple departments making it impossible to manage all of the parts and components needed to build these complex products. The disconnections create a challenge for engineers to deliver what sales team sold.

Additionally, this challenge forces engineers to spend time repeatedly executing repetitive CAD designs every time a change—small or large—is required from the customers.

With these challenges, your engineers need tools that will enable them to make products quickly and accurately. Tacton CPQ Software and Design Automation make it easier than ever to ensure 100% accurate product configurations and CAD drawings to go with it.

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Tacton CPQ Analytics Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ analytics

Manufacturers have struggled with their product life-cycle analysis due to insufficient data. Without this crucial data, your company has to do double the work at a higher operating cost. Discover how Tacton’s CPQ Software Analytics can help predict outcomes during the product life-cycle, putting the focus on your customers.

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