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Tacton CPQ Data Import Automation Product Sheet

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Your ERP and PLM systems contain a wealth of carefully developed, valuable product definitions. You spent hours creating maintaining and updating them. To make the most recent product data from ERP and PLM available to your sales team, it needs to be entered into yet another tool – a tedious, and slow manual process.

Tacton CPQ’s Data Import Automation option is the convenient integration fast track for master data maintained outside of CPQ. Manage product data in your existing systems and schedule automated, quality-assured releases directly to your sales configurator.

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Tip: Learn more about Product Data Management and how Tacton CPQ supports it in our two-part Product Data Management webinar series.

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Recording Tacton Summit: “Conscious Manufacturing”

How are you managing complexity and compliance with a view towards sustainability?

Is sustainability on your agenda? If not – should it be?

How can your configuration process help you meet your sustainability goals?

It all starts with a configurator you can trust.

At Tacton’s two day Conscious Manufacturing Summit, global experts, Tacton customers, and Tacton’s team discussed how industrial manufacturing can handle complexity and compliance with a focus on sustainability.  

During our first session, we tackled the question of ‘why’. Why should sustainability be on your agenda, and what does it look like in practice?

  • Sustainability requirements for manufacturing, as driven by European Commission policy makers
  • What regulations are coming, how manufacturers will be impacted, and how to stay resilient to the changes 
  • How organizations with heavily customized products are facing the challenges resulting from climate change regulations and legislation 
  • What Plus Pack is doing to meet their goals of transforming the single use food packaging industry 

During our second session, we talked about how technology can support conscious manufacturing. Tacton and Plus Pack highlighted: 

  • Why sustainability and CPQ must be on the same agenda 
  • How configuration can support sustainability goals, helping to answer the question: Is configuration the key to conscious manufacturing? 
  • Plus Pack’s initiatives and actions towards a circular economy and how their investments in Tacton CPQ is enabling them to reach UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Webinar: “Servitization Success with CPQ and Subscription Pricing”

The right service offer turns a good product into the perfect product. Services are an important revenue stream for leading manufacturers and are getting more in focus as subscription business models are gaining traction in the manufacturing space.

Whether selling equipment as a service or hardware plus services bundles, the quoting process can be challenging and inefficient. Manufacturers both need to identify the optimal combination of products and services for the specific customer in time, and ensure that the proposed offer is buildable and profitable.

In this webinar, Product Configuration and Subscription Pricing experts Per Wolgast and Morten Kvist share their insights and learnings:

  • Why leading manufacturers leverage service contracts and recurring revenue pricing
  • What to keep in mind when configuring and selling complex industrial equipment and adjacent services
  • How to identify the perfect product and price to get started – and how to identify the right services to match them

Webinar: “Top Strategic Business Trends for Manufacturing Industries”

A digital transformation is well underway in manufacturing and has been accelerated through the pandemic. What are the business drivers driving this change going forward and how will these business drivers affect your organization?

In this seminar, Markus Forsgren, Partner at McKinsey, DJ Monzyk, Director of Marketing at Ketiv, and Daniel Hellquist, Business Development Manager at Tacton, share their insights and learnings:

  • Which are the rising business drivers for the manufacturing industry
  • How these business drivers will affect manufacturing within the next coming years
  • How others have tackled these business drivers
  • How you can stay prepared in order to stay relevant

Webinar: “Digital Transformation in Manufacturing”

According to Tacton’s “The State of Digital Manufacturing Survey Results”, 92% of respondents said digital transformation was Important to Extremely Important going into 2021.

While digital transformation remains front of mind, that’s not all heavy industrials should be thinking about.  Including Configure Price Quote (CPQ) capabilities in your DX plan is imperative to success.

In this webinar, our host Frank Sohn from Novus CPQ talks about:

  • Including subscriptions in your business model
  • AI and machine learning in CPQ
  • Enhancing customer experience with Visualization
  • CPQ as part of a technology ecosystem

Webinar: “Design Automation and CAD Automation for Tacton CPQ”

Tacton Design Automation automates repetitive, inefficient operations that take up your engineers’ time. Use Tacton to reduce order errors, automatically generate configuration-specific drawings, and manufacturing information.

Extending Tacton CPQ capabilities with CAD automation will streamline your sales process. Empower customers, partners, and sales reps to generate accurate 2D and 3D CAD files instantly for product variants.

Learn more on Tacton Design Automation and Tacton CPQ CAD Automation and the different business value they can bring to your organization

Note: The webinar took place at our Italian partner Nuovamacut. The short introduction is in Italian.

Webinar: CPQ Implementation Readiness

The truth about CPQ projects is they can fail.

Implementing a CPQ solution means more than just introducing new software. The decision to select a CPQ solution is part of a comprehensive digitization strategy. That’s why a CPQ project is not a pure IT project, but a strategic one that usually goes hand in hand with organizational and technical changes..

CPQ implementation involves conceptual questions (“How does our sales strategy for future success looks like?”) as well as detailed questions (“How good is our data quality?”). In addition, teamwork in the truest sense of the word is required of all those involved: The IT landscape and interfaces must function properly, and employees from different departments must work together.

For CPQ implementation to be successful, several prerequisites must be met and the course set. But also, during the implementation, it is important to keep a clear focus and to work with the right attitude and methodology.

Learn more on the pre-requisites for a successful CPQ implementation journey and how to make your CPQ project successful and how to avoid common pitfalls. Johannes Muschal is senior VP of success delivery at Tacton. Together with our international consulting teams, he accompanies and supports companies on their CPQ journey. He is very familiar with the challenges and pitfalls of a CPQ implementation – but also how to avoid them.

Webinar: The Missing Link that kills your Order Quality


Wondering how to leverage existing product data by integrating CPQ with PLM, ERP and PIM?

More and more enterprise organizations are implementing transformative technologies to profit from automated workflows and to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What sounds simple is, in practice, a complex procedure that needs experiences and engagement. Especially when you’re manufacturing highly customizable products.

It’s not only that disconnected systems lead to quoting errors, long sales cycles, and a poor experience for customers. There are other challenges that need to be addressed: Who is affected by data silos? Is everyone aware of the problem? Do you know how information should flow between people and systems?

In this webinar, CPQ experts Magnus Fasth and Patrik Skjelfoss, both from, will explain:

What is important when connecting CPQ with PLM, ERP and PIM.
How to create a single view of data that enables you to connect your processes and systems in a meaningful way.

Webinar: B2B-Commerce for Manufacturers – Reach the Unreachable

Sell ​​industrial goods online? No problem as long as spare parts and consumables are the only products involved. But e-commerce for customer-specific, tailor-made products, that’s a different story. For a long time manufacturers have struggled to provide an easy and streamlined online selling process.

Today, customers also expect a shopping experience that is not fundamentally different from what they are used to privately in the B2C sector. Therefore, it is high time to update outdated sales models to the latest digital standards!

Find out in the webinar how you can sell highly configurable products in a customer-friendly and efficient manner online and how you can convince and win over self-service-oriented B2B buyers.

eBook: Customer Self-Service Portals for Manufacturing

Creating customer self-service portals for manufacturing is the first step to a seamless end-to-end customer journey

Manufacturing is rapidly changing, customers want B2C like experiences when they are purchasing highly configurable manufacturing products.

But doing that has never been a simple task, with self-service portals for manufacturers powered by Configure, Price, Quote solutions it can become a fast, exciting way to sell.

Learn how CPQ, visualization and customer self-service portals for manufacturers enable customers to configure their products from anywhere, and with 100% accuracy.

What’s in the eBook?

  • How to optimize customer self-service portals with CPQ
  • Using visualization embedded in the portal to create a wow factor for customers
  • Visual analytics, configuration, guided selling, price optimization and more!

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