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Empowering Manufacturers with CPQ and Guided Selling [eBook]

A shift toward customer empowerment is here

A dynamic power shift has been happening for businesses across every industry over the past decade. Manufacturers used to rely on ads, word-of-mouth, and even promotions to attract customers to their products. This oftentimes was a leap of faith for customers, with little to no peer-reviews or information buyers would have to trust that a manufacturer could do as they promised.

That’s all changed, with review sites and numerous other ways to get info on your company. These changing customer demands make it imperative to change how manufacturers interact and empower their current and prospective customers. This power shift demands that manufacturers enable customers to use solutions like Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) to configure manufacturing products on their own time without help from sales or engineering teams.

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Unlocking Manufacturing Data with CPQ Analytics [eBook]

Drive and Deliver Intellegingt business product insights with CPQ analytics

In this eBook discover how Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions extend past typical quote to cash features. With CPQ analytics it’s possible to enable your business to understand products, customers better than ever!

Check out this video on creating actionable insights with CPQ Analytics

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Tacton CPQ CAD Automation Product Sheet

How can CAD Automation help manufacturers? 

Sell highly configurable manufacturing products with ease and confidence 

With CAD automation your sales reps are equipped with approval drawings, and visual documentation that supports the final product your customer will buy. This enables quick and accurate product drawings to be done with accuracy and confidence. Giving your newest sales rep the same knowledge as your more experienced reps will enable them to onboard faster, intrigue customers, and ultimately sell products with ease.  

CAD files clarify expectations between you, your customer, and your supply chain, so that you are all better prepared for the production, installation, and commissioning of the product. ​ Generating and providing CAD files early in the sales process eliminates misunderstandings and costly errors, thereby ensuring reliability to the customer and promoting trust. 

Accelerate sales with automation 

Selling manufacturing products can be a long process and finding ways to accelerate the sale can be a key driver of winning deals. With CAD automation preapprovals your sales rep won’t have to worry about costly mistakes because the product logic is accurate. Without these mistakes, it’s possible to avoid delays, returns and discounts. This autonomy or your sales team also enables your engineering team to do more.   

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to CAD Automation

CAD Automation for Manufacturers

Selling highly-configurable manufacturing products complete with CAD drawings and data has oftentimes involved a lot of resources. Sales and engineering have a back and forth that takes too long and still can have order errors, or not meet exact customer specifications.

That’s why many manufacturers are looking to automate their process by enabling even the newest sales rep to create CAD drawings with confidence and accuracy. Using CPQ and CAD automation it’s easier than ever!

Check out our latest eBook for your deep dive into all things CAD automation.

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Survey Results: The State of Digital Manufacturing 2021

A digital revolution is well underway in manufacturing and has been accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This revolution is changing the way companies produce and sell products and services.

From internal operations to customer experience, manufacturers across industries are gearing up for change. Customization, from the customer buying experience to the factory floor, is essential for gaining a competitive advantage and long-term customer loyalty.

To help manufacturers keep up-to-date with these developments, we’ve released this report, focusing on how manufacturers are responding to smart manufacturing initiatives.

The impact of recent economic times didn’t slow digital transformation efforts -in fact, the majority of respondents said they have continued or accelerated their efforts. Supply chain optimization is the most critical digital transformation investment initiative among manufacturers during the current economic uncertainty, here’s what we found:

Learn more about the quickly changing landscape by downloading the full survey results!

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Top B2B Manufacturing Sales Trends for 2021

Digitalization is accelerating across all manufacturing sectors as organizations scramble to adapt to the new normal. We have spoken with our top customers and industry insiders to learn where they are focusing their investments and how they are planning to advance their digital transformations. 

2020 proved traditional methods of selling customizable equipment were inadequate and outdated. Manufacturers today are redesigning their sales process by removing the complexity from their buying experience.

What you’ll learn

  • A look back at 2020 for manufacturing
  • The top trends changing manufacturing
  • How manufacturers are accelerating digital efforts
  • Which leading global manufacturers are making key investments, and where

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Visual Configuration

Creating a unique eCommerce journey starts with appealing product visualizations

While we continue to learn how to work in the new normal one thing is certain for manufacturers. Change is a constant and leveraging the right technology is crucial to improving operational efficiency and improving the customer experience.  

The solution that many manufacturers are missing their product portfolio is Visual Configuration. It is a necessity for manufacturers looking to grow their business and enable customers to do more. Offering visual product configuration will help you stay ahead of the competition by becoming a market leader with a one-of-a-kind customer experience.  

In this guide we’ll discuss the basics of Visual Configuration, challenges, opportunities, and more:

What’s in the eBook?

  • A deep dive into the visual asset creation process
  • Using visualization embedded in the portal to create a wow factor for customers
  • How CPQ and Visualization work bi-directionally for the best results
  • Customer use cases, real examples and more!

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Webinar: B2B-Commerce for Manufacturers – Reach the Unreachable

Sell ​​industrial goods online? No problem as long as spare parts and consumables are the only products involved. But e-commerce for customer-specific, tailor-made products, that’s a different story. For a long time manufacturers have struggled to provide an easy and streamlined online selling process.

Today, customers also expect a shopping experience that is not fundamentally different from what they are used to privately in the B2C sector. Therefore, it is high time to update outdated sales models to the latest digital standards!

Find out in the webinar how you can sell highly configurable products in a customer-friendly and efficient manner online and how you can convince and win over self-service-oriented B2B buyers.

eBook: Customer Self-Service Portals for Manufacturing

Creating customer self-service portals for manufacturing is the first step to a seamless end-to-end customer journey

Manufacturing is rapidly changing, customers want B2C like experiences when they are purchasing highly configurable manufacturing products.

But doing that has never been a simple task, with self-service portals for manufacturers powered by Configure, Price, Quote solutions it can become a fast, exciting way to sell.

Learn how CPQ, visualization and customer self-service portals for manufacturers enable customers to configure their products from anywhere, and with 100% accuracy.

What’s in the eBook?

  • How to optimize customer self-service portals with CPQ
  • Using visualization embedded in the portal to create a wow factor for customers
  • Visual analytics, configuration, guided selling, price optimization and more!

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eBook: Fitting CPQ into Your System Architecture

Fitting CPQ into Your System Architecture

Fitting CPQ into Your System Architecture is the first step to a truly digital manufacturing operation

Creating a harmonious landscape is easier said than done. Without proper thought about how the pieces fit together adopting CPQ tools can become a fools’ errand. That’s why defining how each piece of the landscape puzzle will fit together can give answers to use which product and when. When implemented in your tech stack, CPQ provides the single source of data truth for the entire organization to operate on, regardless of the system they use.

While CPQ is the foundational component for manufacturers to sell configurable products, it’s the integrations into the front and back-office systems that truly enable operational efficiency and a seamless customer experience. Fitting CPQ into your system architecture can reduce operational inefficiencies.

What’s in the eBook?

  • Learn how manufacturers are utilizing CPQ to connect with CRM, ERP, CAD, and even eCommerce solutions for a fully integrated customer experience.
  • Sub-workflow solutioning with CPQ
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP VC, and more

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