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Omnichannel CPQ for Manufacturing Product Sheet

Customers are interacting less with your sales team and moving towards an increasingly online buying journey. New digital transformation strategies must put customer engagement at the forefront whether online direct sales or through partner channels. Tacton CPQ software enables your team to work from anywhere, while also letting your customers create their own products on their own time.

That’s why offering an Omnichannel sales experience for manufacturers can give your business a competitive advantage.

Giving customers the opportunity to purchase on their own time using CPQ Self-Service can help you quickly sell your product portfolio, online, and from anywhere.

Learn more in our Omnichannel for Manufacturing Product sheet!

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Tacton CPQ Integrations Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ integrations work with any system

Manufacturers have struggled to connect their existing business-critical systems such as CRM, ERP, PLM and even eCommerce to their digital transformation solutions.

That can be a thing of the past when using Tacton CPQ integrations. Quickly and accurately work with your existing systems for improved operational efficiency and better customer experience.

Tacton CPQ Integrates with:

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The Service Guide to CPQ

Tacton Smart Commerce Configuration

Your marketing, sales and engineering teams all are thinking about using Tacton CPQ to accelerate the sales and improve operational efficiencies. But how can your customer service team benefit from using CPQ?

CPQ Self-Service and Analytics help your service team reach customers anywhere while also helping them understand how their products are being used. While also noting options in your portfolio that may be more optimal for your customer.

Learn how in our Service Guide to CPQ!

Not ready to download the Service Guide to CPQ just yet? Check out one of some quick videos on Tacton CPQ and Design Automation.

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Optimizing Remote Sales: The New Manufacturing Challenge

Optimize Remote Sales

A new challenge calls for a new solution:

With a sudden shift to remote working, it’s important to consider optimizing remote sales meetings and demos.  Creating meaningful and engaging demos and sales can seem daunting. But utilizing solutions such as Tacton CPQ, visual configuration, AR and self-service can help you and your teamwork through an increasingly remote working environment. Get the guide to discover how our customers are navigating these new challenges.

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State of the Industry and Smart Commerce

Industry 4.0 has created and digital transformation has created new challenges for manufacturers. Join our VP of Product Marketing Nick Thompson as we discuss the current state of manufacturing and how to address the changing times with Tacton Smart Commerce.

Tacton CPQ Self-Service Product Sheet

Self-Service Configuration with CPQ

Customer demands have shifted and now require an omnichannel, self-service experience. Manufacturers have struggled to adapt to this change. Customers want their products and they want them fast, which makes offering a self-service option essential to great customer experience. Learn more about what Tacton Self-Service can do for you.

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Tacton CPQ Analytics Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ analytics

Manufacturers have struggled with their product life-cycle analysis due to insufficient data. Without this crucial data, your company has to do double the work at a higher operating cost. Discover how Tacton’s CPQ Software Analytics can help predict outcomes during the product life-cycle, putting the focus on your customers.

Read more in our free guide to CPQ!

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