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Tacton CPQ Data Import Automation Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ analytics

Your ERP and PLM systems contain a wealth of carefully developed, valuable product definitions. You spent hours creating maintaining and updating them. To make the most recent product data from ERP and PLM available to your sales team, it needs to be entered into yet another tool – a tedious, and slow manual process.

Tacton CPQ’s Data Import Automation option is the convenient integration fast track for master data maintained outside of CPQ. Manage product data in your existing systems and schedule automated, quality-assured releases directly to your sales configurator.

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Tip: Learn more about Product Data Management and how Tacton CPQ supports it in our two-part Product Data Management webinar series.

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Tacton CPQ Subscription Pricing Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ Subscription Pricing enables companies to configure complex capital goods without errors and to select the right services for the configured product within the CPQ environment. The advantages are obvious: all information relevant to sales and distribution (product configuration, offer documents, CAD documents, services offered) is stored and created centrally in the CPQ system.  

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Tacton CPQ CAD Automation Product Sheet

How can CAD Automation help manufacturers? 

Sell highly configurable manufacturing products with ease and confidence 

With CAD automation your sales reps are equipped with approval drawings, and visual documentation that supports the final product your customer will buy. This enables quick and accurate product drawings to be done with accuracy and confidence. Giving your newest sales rep the same knowledge as your more experienced reps will enable them to onboard faster, intrigue customers, and ultimately sell products with ease.  

CAD files clarify expectations between you, your customer, and your supply chain, so that you are all better prepared for the production, installation, and commissioning of the product. ​ Generating and providing CAD files early in the sales process eliminates misunderstandings and costly errors, thereby ensuring reliability to the customer and promoting trust. 

Accelerate sales with automation 

Selling manufacturing products can be a long process and finding ways to accelerate the sale can be a key driver of winning deals. With CAD automation preapprovals your sales rep won’t have to worry about costly mistakes because the product logic is accurate. Without these mistakes, it’s possible to avoid delays, returns and discounts. This autonomy or your sales team also enables your engineering team to do more.   

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Omnichannel CPQ for Manufacturing Product Sheet

Customers are interacting less with your sales team and moving towards an increasingly online buying journey. New digital transformation strategies must put customer engagement at the forefront whether online direct sales or through partner channels. Tacton CPQ software enables your team to work from anywhere, while also letting your customers create their own products on their own time.

That’s why offering an Omnichannel sales experience for manufacturers can give your business a competitive advantage.

Giving customers the opportunity to purchase on their own time using CPQ Self-Service can help you quickly sell your product portfolio, online, and from anywhere.

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Tacton CPQ Integrations Product Sheet

Manufacturers have struggled to connect their existing business-critical systems such as CRM, ERP, PLM and even eCommerce to their digital transformation solutions.

That can be a thing of the past when using Tacton CPQ integrations. Quickly and accurately work with your existing systems for improved operational efficiency and better customer experience.

Tacton CPQ Integrates with:

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Tacton CPQ Visualization Product Sheet

The buying journey for your customers is more difficult than ever. With unlimited options, it can become difficult to stand out in a crowded field. With over 57% of the buying journey completed before a prospect speaks to your sales rep (Gartner), it’s critical to give a visual way to interact with your products, online. CPQ Visualization and Visual Configuration is the next step in maximizing the time with your customer, while also allowing them to configure a valid and custom product on their own through self-service.


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Tacton CPQ Self-Service Product Sheet

Self-Service Configuration with CPQ

Customer demands have shifted and now require an omnichannel, self-service experience. Manufacturers have struggled to adapt to this change. Customers want their products and they want them fast, which makes offering a self-service option essential to great customer experience. Learn more about what Tacton Self-Service can do for you.

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Tacton CPQ Analytics Product Sheet

Tacton CPQ analytics

Manufacturers have struggled with their product life-cycle analysis due to insufficient data. Without this crucial data, your company has to do double the work at a higher operating cost. Discover how Tacton’s CPQ Software Analytics can help predict outcomes during the product life-cycle, putting the focus on your customers.

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Tacton CPQ Integration to Microsoft Dynamics

Tacton CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics

Tacton CPQ integrations extend Microsoft Dynamics with powerful capabilities that make selling custom products easy. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, Tacton helps sales to configure and price even the most complex products and generate quotations that will set you apart from the competition.

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