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Recording Tacton Summit: “Conscious Manufacturing”

How are you managing complexity and compliance with a view towards sustainability?

Is sustainability on your agenda? If not – should it be?

How can your configuration process help you meet your sustainability goals?

It all starts with a configurator you can trust.

At Tacton’s two day Conscious Manufacturing Summit, global experts, Tacton customers, and Tacton’s team discussed how industrial manufacturing can handle complexity and compliance with a focus on sustainability.  

During our first session, we tackled the question of ‘why’. Why should sustainability be on your agenda, and what does it look like in practice?

  • Sustainability requirements for manufacturing, as driven by European Commission policy makers
  • What regulations are coming, how manufacturers will be impacted, and how to stay resilient to the changes 
  • How organizations with heavily customized products are facing the challenges resulting from climate change regulations and legislation 
  • What Plus Pack is doing to meet their goals of transforming the single use food packaging industry 

During our second session, we talked about how technology can support conscious manufacturing. Tacton and Plus Pack highlighted: 

  • Why sustainability and CPQ must be on the same agenda 
  • How configuration can support sustainability goals, helping to answer the question: Is configuration the key to conscious manufacturing? 
  • Plus Pack’s initiatives and actions towards a circular economy and how their investments in Tacton CPQ is enabling them to reach UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Manufacturing Trends to Watch for in 2022

What is in store for manufacturing in 2022 after another year of changes and challenges presented by COVID and uncertain economic times? Manufacturing has had two straight years of disruptions and challenges that have defined how they will operate in 2022 and beyond.

These disruptions have created the latest trends and initiatives that are fueling manufacturing towards a new way of working. We have broken down the trends into five key focus areas for manufacturers in 2022.

Trends to watch in 2022

  • Disruption-proof operations
  • New buyer behavior
  • Sustainability
  • Managing complexity
  • Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

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Survey Results: The State of Digital Manufacturing 2022

For the second year in a row manufacturing is rapidly moving towards creating digital first experiences for both internal operations and customer experiences.

To help manufacturers keep up-to-date with these developments, we’ve released this report, focusing on how manufacturers are creating resiliency for smooth & disruption proof ​end-to-end operations.

The COVID Pandemic has highlighted new issues since it’s initial impact.

Companies are now dealing with staffing shortages, and supply chain issues. This is compiled by still having challenges dealing with quote efficiency, lack of automation and new buyers who want a fully online journey.

Many of our respondents noted the current challenges: “The fact that we can’t hire people, but we desperately need to expand”. The struggles continue, “Being able to meet customer demand along with supply chain keeping up with demand.” It’s clear that the pandemic is still creating challenges for manufacturers. These challenges make it nearly impossible to create a fast and flawless operation that is focused on smooth and disruption proof operations.

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Creating Optimized End-to-End Operations with CPQ Integrations [eBook]

When deploying CPQ software it is critical for business champions and IT stakeholders to carefully consider the integration capabilities of CPQ vendors. This guide provides an overview of common challenges manufacturers of complex industrial equipment face when integrating CPQ into their existing digital infrastructure:

  • Disconnected enterprise systems and corporate silos
  • Lack of data governance
  • Setting organizational expectations

Considering these challenges enables manufacturers to transform information silos into seamless experiences in the new product development and sales and order fulfillment process.

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Webinar: “Top Strategic Business Trends for Manufacturing Industries”

A digital transformation is well underway in manufacturing and has been accelerated through the pandemic. What are the business drivers driving this change going forward and how will these business drivers affect your organization?

In this seminar, Markus Forsgren, Partner at McKinsey, DJ Monzyk, Director of Marketing at Ketiv, and Daniel Hellquist, Business Development Manager at Tacton, share their insights and learnings:

  • Which are the rising business drivers for the manufacturing industry
  • How these business drivers will affect manufacturing within the next coming years
  • How others have tackled these business drivers
  • How you can stay prepared in order to stay relevant

Servitization: A Step-by-Step Guide for Manufacturers [eBook]

The promise of subscription services for manufacturers has become more of a reality in the past few years. So how are leading manufacturers starting their journey to offering subscriptions to their products? From beginning to end we’ve got you covered in our step-by-step guide to servitization.

Learn more about potential roadblocks, opportunities, and examples from leading manufacturers in our eBook, Servitization: A Step-by-Step Guide for Manufacturers

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The Future of Manufacturing Subscription Models [eBook]

According to Gartner, more than 70% of organizations are considering selling service subscriptions. Subscriptions promise higher profit margins than product sales and offer a predictable, recurring revenue stream. Organizations offering subscriptions are less impacted by economic downturns and more likely to recover quickly after taking a hit.

Subscriptions are all around us in our daily lives, and they also caused a shift in manufacturers’ business models. With core technologies such as IoT and big data analytics available and mature, manufacturers can offer tailor-made subscription-based products and services that generate new revenue and build lasting customer relationships.

The shift to subscription business models is a journey. Whether you are selling products with matching services or considering equipment-as-a-service subscriptions, the road ahead is challenging. Learn more about potential roadblocks, opportunities, and examples from leading manufacturers in our eBook, the Future of Manufacturing Subscription Models.

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Empowering Manufacturers with CPQ and Guided Selling [eBook]

A shift toward customer empowerment is here

A dynamic power shift has been happening for businesses across every industry over the past decade. Manufacturers used to rely on ads, word-of-mouth, and even promotions to attract customers to their products. This oftentimes was a leap of faith for customers, with little to no peer-reviews or information buyers would have to trust that a manufacturer could do as they promised.

That’s all changed, with review sites and numerous other ways to get info on your company. These changing customer demands make it imperative to change how manufacturers interact and empower their current and prospective customers. This power shift demands that manufacturers enable customers to use solutions like Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) to configure manufacturing products on their own time without help from sales or engineering teams.

Check out our latest eBook for your deep dive into all things CAD automation.

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Unlocking Manufacturing data with CPQ analytics [eBook]

Drive and deliver intelligent business product insights with CPQ analytics

In this eBook discover how Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions extend past typical quote to cash features. With CPQ analytics it’s possible to enable your business to understand products, customers better than ever!

Check out this video on creating actionable insights with CPQ analytics

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to CAD Automation

CAD Automation for Manufacturers

Selling highly-configurable manufacturing products complete with CAD drawings and data has oftentimes involved a lot of resources. Sales and engineering have a back and forth that takes too long and still can have order errors, or not meet exact customer specifications.

That’s why many manufacturers are looking to automate their process by enabling even the newest sales rep to create CAD drawings with confidence and accuracy. Using CPQ and CAD automation it’s easier than ever!

Check out our latest eBook for your deep dive into all things CAD automation.

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