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Guide: The Future of B2B Manufacturing Sales Starts with Visualization

Customers want to understand the product they are about to buy, even the smallest details. But manufacturers have struggled to enable this for customers. Many have created a confusing maze of technical product sheets and descriptions and hope customers will still purchase products. Using the right digital technologies can revolutionize the way companies sell products and engage customers in the selling journey. With Visual Configuration you rely on powerful technologies with which customers and sales can intuitively and independently configure and (sell) highly variable products.

What You’ll Get in This Guide:

  • What is visual product configuration?
  • Why choosing visual product configuration with Tacton can make all the difference
  • CAD and Visual Configuration: tips and tricks
  • Visual product configuration in practice
  • How CPQ and visual configuration can digitally transform manufacturing companies

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Optimizing Remote Sales: The New Manufacturing Challenge

Optimize Remote Sales

A new challenge calls for a new solution:

With a sudden shift to remote working, it’s important to consider optimizing remote sales meetings and demos.  Creating meaningful and engaging demos and sales can seem daunting. But utilizing solutions such as Tacton CPQ, visual configuration, AR and self-service can help you and your teamwork through an increasingly remote working environment. Get the guide to discover how our customers are navigating these new challenges.

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