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Webinar: Putting the Manufacturing Buyer in the Driver’s seat

Steps to Successfully Deploying Customer Self-Service in Manufacturing

The B2B buying experience in manufacturing has been exposed as high-touch, complicated, and disjointed. Partner that with recent economic uncertainty, social distancing practices, and travel restrictions, and you have a new sense of urgency to digitalize quickly!

In this webinar learn how to:

  • Accelerate Digital Commerce for growth
  • Empower customers and generate leads online through your website
  • Integrate systems for a data-driven customer experience​
  • Build customer-centricity that travels beyond front office transformation
  • Rethink customer experience through the Product and Service lifecycles

Experience a live solution demo that puts customers in the driver’s seat. We’ll demonstrate how personalized customer experiences beginning with product configuration, real-time 3D visualization and proposal collaboration creates a frictionless buying experience while increasing sales efficiency.

Tacton 3D Visualization Software Webinar

Tacton 3d visualization software

Do you wish there was an easier way to get your customers involved with your products? They do their part and you do yours, in a fun and engaging way? You’d save time and sell faster. They’d get more invested in your products. Tacton 3D visualization software enables all of that and more. Check out our latest webinar in which we cover:

• Challenges facing Manufacturers that Visualization solves
• How Tacton 3D Visualization software empowers Manufacturers
• What do the Analysts say?
• Visualization Demo
• Interact with the configuration we create with our Augmented Reality App


State of the Industry and Smart Commerce

Industry 4.0 has created and digital transformation has created new challenges for manufacturers. Join our VP of Product Marketing Nick Thompson as we discuss the current state of manufacturing and how to address the changing times with Tacton Smart Commerce.

Tacton CPQ CAD Automation


In this webinar, we will show you the CTO (Configure-to-Order) workflow, where the salesperson can generate CAD documents fully automatically by the click of a button. We will also demonstrate an ETO (Engineer-to-Order) workflow in Tacton CPQ together with CAD Automation. In the ETO workflow, the engineer can download the configuration result, run it in the CAD environment, do the necessary updates, and then upload the required files back to Tacton CPQ Software.

Tacton Design Automation Studio for PTC Creo


From one simple form, Design Automation Studio for PTC Creo can automatically create the 3D CAD models and 2D drawings you need for sales quotes and production. Engineers will spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on innovation. And your eager sales teams won’t need to wait for that crucial output to make a sale.