nVent Hoffman

nVent Hoffman was previously known as Eldon.

The Challenge

Today, customized products account for about 20% of Eldon’s sales, a share that is growing every year. While this is welcome in terms of opportunity and growth, it also brings productivity issues. With limited re-use of previously performed work, Eldon found that too much time and resources were going into custom quotations.

Changes were needed. Not only to meet specific customer needs from a product point of view but also to ensure that quotes could be delivered quickly and without incurring too much cost. With Eldon’s customers increasingly expecting a similar buying experience for both standard and customized products, it was clear that the company needed a better way to manage one-off orders.

The Solution

Eldon kicked-off a major initiative called the Eldon Quotation Solution (EQS). The broad goal was to make Eldon more modern, responsive and efficient.

To achieve this, Eldon decided to start with a generic model. The idea was to develop a basic solution, but at the same time, one where all products in the portfolio could be quoted in Tacton CPQ. An improved model, called the “family model” was then developed to include logic for how products and accessories fit together.

Tacton has also had a major impact on Eldon’s design process. One Eldon employee explains, “Before we implemented Tacton, our engineers would often spend 6-7 hours just to customize a drawing. Today this can often be done in minutes.”

Watch Alexander van der Weide, VP Marketing Enclosures, explaining how nVent has managed to offer customers a convincing digital customer experience and excellent customer service with the help of Tacton CPQ.

About nVent Hoffman

“Tacton is an extremely powerful tool that brings us closer to our customers by offering customized solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

Mats Toftebrant, nVent Hoffman

Founded in 1922 in Nässjö, Sweden, the company rose to prominence thanks to a series of ground-breaking innovations including electric heaters, switchgear and battery-powered radios

The Results

  • Drawings went from hours to minutes
  • 100% Error free quotes
  • Able to quickly react to create custom quotes
  • Fully integrated into CAD