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Smarter manufacturing

Connect and optimize through AI-powered CPQ

The manufacturing industry is transforming:

> Customers expect a tailored experience - everything custom, everything easy, everything now 
> Innovation is faster, and product life-cycles shorter
> New customer-centric business models are emerging - such as Product as a Service (PaaS)
> Value chains are becoming more complex and distributed 
> Artifical intelligence (AI) is boosting business transformation and process optimization

The ability to connect both smart products and improved processes is the key to unlocking the underlying value of industry 4.0. In fact, we see Industry 4.0 as the platform upon which forward-looking manufacturers will completely reframe the traditional business and industry value chain and, in doing so, create unprecedented competitive advantage.


Industry 4.0: Smart products, smart
processes, smart profits

Tacton's smart manufacturing platform enables you to put customers at the centre of your digitization

Here’s how

In the past we did everything to the customer’s wishes. Today, the customer still has this perception, but we are in fact supplying a configured product based on carefully identified and standardized building blocks. This makes us faster, and helps keep our stock levels down. It also ensures that products are already validated from a design and manufacturing point of view before an order is placed.


Marcel Walvoort, KRAMP
Sector: agricultural machinery

Smarter individualization

Unlimited choice, personalized experiences and on-demand service are already part of our everyday as consumers. These same trends are rapidly gaining traction in manufacturing.

With Tacton, you can offer solutions that are tailored to your customer’s exact requirements – and crucially you can do it every bit as quickly and profitably as you would with standard products.

When you can offer fast customization in a controlled way – the challenge that product variance presents to most manufacturers becomes your biggest competitive advantage.

The first step to smarter individualization is a modularized product architecture. With this in place, Tacton uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to connect customer needs to specific product features and functions, and in this way offer a solution that matches the customer’s exact requirements.

The first step to smarter individualization is a modularized product architecture. With this in place, Tacton can connect customer needs to specific product features and functions, and in this way offer a solution that matches the customer’s exact requirements.

Smarter products

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers endless opportunities to capture product usage intelligence for smart manufacturing. Tacton can help you leverage this data to improve your products and services, and provide better solution performance for your customers.

This approach paves the way for companies to move towards new and more competitive business models such as Product as a Service (PaaS). Tacton enables you to both figure out total usage cost and optimize customer offers based on how your products are used.

Tacton can learn from the intelligence offered by IoT. This knowledge can be used to drive product development, and also to refine the constraints that the Tacton configurator uses for its optimization.

With a clear view of costs, Tacton optimizes complete quotations based on how your products are used – including all associated services such as support, training, maintenance, warranties, finance, insurance, etc. – all the factors you need to take into account to sell your product as a service.

At the same time, the proposal also considers the best possible combination of your overall business risk and margin requirements.

This means that both you and your customer can know in advance what each of you will get out of the deal.

We are able to consistently develop innovative, better-performing equipment, faster than our competitors.”


Dustin Birch, Director of Engineering, ClearStream Environmental
Sector: waste water treatment equpment

The beauty of the Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and quotation correct each time. It now takes us only five minutes to generate a complete budget offer including pricing. This saves us tremendous amounts of time and money."


Jan Nilsson, Siemens
Sector: industrial power & gas

Smarter quotes

Customers want their product yesterday. Those companies that are able respond quickly to customer requests have a huge competitive advantage.
However, for many manufacturers, even pulling a presentable quotation together can take weeks. And with each manual information handover, order errors creep in.

Tacton CPQ captures the customer’s usage and commercial needs, and the configuration engine does the rest. It’s that simple. Everything is taken into account - your latest product and pricing updates, any local requirements or regulations, as well as your margin requirements.

Tacton’s configurator has the ability to link and translate customer needs to a fully detailed manufacturing BOM.

Non-compatible, non-profitable or non-available options are not offered to the customer. This ensures that the products and solutions that you offer in your quotations are 100% correct. An offer generated by Tacton is not only guaranteed to be buildable, you can also install, service and maintain it to your customer’s specification, while ensuring maximum profit.

When this level of verified detail is available at quotation stage, there are huge gains to be had downstream in terms of a more reliable outlook for manufacturing, and a firm basis upon which to plan the supply chain.

Add Tacton’s deep integration with CAD that drives production drawings as well as 3D visualizations for sales, and you have the components of a fully automated quotation process.

Smarter management of change orders

Customers want flexibility. Circumstances change and issues come to light after orders are placed, and you need to respond.

Even minor changes to an order, especially once it goes into production, can have far-reaching implications. With so many dependencies and potential knock-on effects, it is no surprise this is one of the most challenging and costly areas for manufacturers. And the more complex your value chain, the greater the risks.

Tacton helps you manage change orders in a controlled and structured way, minimizing risk and controlling costs.

Tacton always maintains a fully validated and optimized configuration, during the sales process but also after the order is placed and goes into production.

This allows you to easily manage change orders for items or sub-assemblies, as you can always find out the full implication of a change at any stage – both on your own production and margins, as well as on your supply chain partners.

The ability to offer flexibility to your customers, even after the order is placed – without jeopardizing profitability – is critical to forming long-term and truly successful customer-supplier relationships.

We can be confident of the integrity of the configuration and production drawings, and they are created automatically for suppliers as well as internal production and assembly. Fewer errors mean we never have to halt our design process and redesign parts, which can be very expensive and frustrating when everyone is working to strict timetables.”


Pär Hallgren, Caterpillar Propulsion
Sector: marine power

In the water treatment industry, lead-time is often more important than price. With the Tacton solution, once our proposal is accepted, design goes through engineering in just a few days, then out to fabrication. This type of automation has been a key factor in our business growth.”


Dustin Birch, Director of Engineering, ClearStream Environmental
Sector: waste water treatment equpment

A smarter value chain

When large elements of the value chain are outsourced, accurate and timely information exchanges become even more crucial.

Information needs to flow both internally between sales, engineering, and production, as well externally to suppliers and to the customer.

Tacton is the natural platform for these information flows. Because Tacton always uses the same underlying product data to represent your products – whether it’s needed by sales, engineering or suppliers – information integrity is never an issue.

What’s fundamentally different about Tacton, is the separation of the rules that govern how products can be put together, and the underlying data that defines them. This separation makes it dramatically easier to define, maintain and update your product portfolio.

With Tacton, you can allocate ownership of rules and data to anyone inside your company, or to your supply chain partners.

For manufacturers with complex, decentralized supply chains, this allows the information for any particular sub-assembly, component or service to be managed by the most relevant stakeholder .