Strengthen your Brand

The advantage of a strong brand

Brand value and perception is all about your ability to deliver on your promise. At the heart of this is the total customer experience. When you consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations, your brand will thrive. This is key to gaining market share.

By building a reputation for excellence from the first touch with the customer, and always delivering on your promise, you will up your chance of winning new business and keep your existing customers loyal.

Tacton’s solutions support you in building your brand. They bring you closer to your customer by helping you to position and provide products and services that are tailored to their business requirements, and provide the value they are trying to achieve. And they ensure that you are able to deliver as promised, first time, every time.

Demonstrate value…not features

Needs-based guided selling, completely changes the conversation your sales people have with the customer. The solution removes the need to walk through define products feature by feature.

Instead, the tool enables sales people to have an open discussion with the customer about the things that matter to them. Requirements can be entered in any sequence and those that don’t matter to the customer can be skipped entirely. Tacton’s configuration engine will fill in the blanks and propose the best overall solution for the objectives that the customer wants to achieve. The result is a better buying experience, and a customer who is more confident in their buying decision.

Deliver quality…consistently

You need to ensure that the information, products and services you provide are timely, of high quality and meet the customer’s needs and expectations. What is the point of having the best products if you cannot position them in a compelling way to the customer? What message does it send if a special request sends you back to the drawing board for weeks in order to update your proposal? Or if you quote a price, only to come back a few days later with an updated number?

Tacton’s CPQ solution empowers sales reps to configure and quote accurately in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks. Because of the ease and speed with which product changes can be introduced, your sales channel will always offer the best solution, based on the most up to date product and pricing information. Your sales team can sell confidently; secure in the knowledge that the offer both meets the customers’ needs and is valid from a design and manufacturing point of view.

Issues down the line due to supply and manufacturing problems and pricing issues are eliminated from the equation. As order errors begin to disappear, and time to delivery decreases, the customer’s perceived level of service, and faith in your brand, grows stronger.