Leverage your SAP ERP installation

Tacton CPQ for SAP integrates your master data and transaction data with Tacton CPQ

- Eliminate manual data maintenance
- Sync data across your business systems
- Automatically align configurations and quotes with orders
- Create a unified, personalized buying experience for your customers
- Close complex deals faster

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Combine SAP VC with Tacton's powerful needs-based selling

- Manage your manufacturing business logic in SAP VC
- Automatically publish product and pricing data from SAP to Tacton CPQ
- Make that data accessible to sales reps for use in guided selling and quotation creation
- Easily bundle solutions that contain SAP VC products
- Combine configurable materials with services and subscriptions
- Enable Sales to create a more relevant buying experience

What's needs-based configuration and selling?

Keep your sales team up-to-date on availability and manufacturing

- With Tacton CPQ for SAP, enable the display of available-to-promise in Tacton CPQ
- Export quotes and sales orders to SAP ERP to use in forecasting


Business Data for SAP

Keep sales data in sync. Import product catalogs, prices and currency exchange rates from SAP ECC.

Business Logic for SAP

Utilize the data setup in SAP VC for Sales Configuration. Drive business processes in SAP ECC based on the configuration result, like creation of sales orders.

  • Customizable solution supports adaptations to your specific data requirements
  • Scheduled or on-request batch processes
  • Based on Tacton Integration Platform
  • Uses SAP's standard integration methodology (BAPIs) to retrieve data from SAP ERP
  • Sales organizations, and connect data to them
  • Accounts and contacts
  • Currencies and valid exchange rates
  • One product catalog with prices for non-configurable materials
  • Non-configurable materials for catalog items
  • Configurable materials (KMATs)
  • Export quotes including feedback of status
  • Update or cancel quotes and sales orders
  • View available-to-promise in Tacton CPQ
  • Export sales orders
  • Explode BOMs and send to production
  • Extraction of SAP VC models
  • Conversion of SAP VC models to xml format
  • Automatic translation of SAP VC model structure to Tacton models
  • Automatic translation of most common logical concepts in SAP VC to Tacton
  • Scheduled automatic translation

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The lion’s share of our sales comes from standard products, but it’s often our ability to offer customized solutions that wins us new business.
Mats Toftebrant


Tacton is the most important sales tool we have. It is easy, fast and we can’t work without it!
Martin Björklund

Sales tools responsible, Swisslog

Tacton was the only solution we found that makes it possible to approach a configuration from different angles. Regardless of the customer’s starting point, the
Koen Boot

CIO, Vencomatic

I know many companies hesitate to introduce a configurator because they think – our products cannot be structured or streamlined in a good way or,
Dr Klos

General Manager, Yaskawa Europe Robotics Division

We quickly understood that a sequential, rule-based configurator would never meet our needs. We didn’t want to have to answer the same question over and
Sicco Saft

Business Analyst, Meyn

The beauty of the Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the configuration of the product and
Jan Nilsson

Senior Engineer CRM Process & IT Development, Siemens

In the water treatment industry, lead-time is often more important than price. With the combined SolidWorks and TactonWorks solution, once our proposal is accepted, design
Brian Bartholomew

Senior Project Engineer, ClearStream Environmental

“In the past, we did everything to the customer’s wishes. Today, the customer still has this perception, but we are in fact supplying a configured
Marcel Walvoort

Manager Product Configurator, Kramp