The Manufacturers’ Guide to Tacton Smart Commerce

The future of manufacturing is here and it’s essential to keep up with new B2B customer expectations.

The online revolution is here for manufacturing

One that is changing how companies operate internally and interact with customers. Inefficient operations lead to lost man-hours and disjointed customer experience. With so much of your business based on the customer experience perfecting, customized products aren’t optional, they’re required.

What You’ll Find

Discover how enabling Smart Commerce powered by CPQ Software can fundamentally change how your business operates while also enhancing your customer experience.

What You’ll Learn

Discover how Tacton CPQ and Visual Configuration improves internal operations, accelerates sales and enhances the customer experience enabling manufacturers to compete on value.

What May Surprise You

Did you know that over 57% of the buying journey is done before customers even reach out to your sales reps? That’s why offering an omnichannel experience may make all the difference between you and your competitors.

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