Industry 4.0 Report

The State of Manufacturing 2019

Most Manufacturers Can Answer the Question “What is Industry 4.0?” But Only 21% Are Smart Factory Ready

A digital revolution is well underway in manufacturing; one that is changing the way companies produce and sell products and services. Big Data and AI are the new super fuels allowing manufacturers to innovate faster and better respond to more demanding customers. Hyper-personalization, from the customer buying experience to the factory floor, is essential for gaining competitive advantage and long-term customer loyalty.

To help manufacturers keep up-to-date with these developments, we’ve released this report, focusing on how manufacturers are responding to smart manufacturing initiatives.

What You’ll Find

Discover how aware your peers are of manufacturing 4.0 trends, how many have initiatives in place, and what they think will pose the biggest challenges over the next 2-5 years.

What You’ll Learn

See what manufacturers believe are the main technology drivers behind Industry 4.0, from IoT and M2M communication to enhanced customer experience capabilities.

What May Surprise You

A majority of manufacturers are embracing digital transformation projects for sales such as CPQ but less than one-third realize the value of connecting sales processes to engineering and production processes.

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